Saturday, January 3, 2009

There's no such thing As an Average Saturday

I awoke this morning from dreams that Scout was chasing rabbits in the back yard. As I watched, she chased and never caught a rabbit; they cleverly found their way through the slats in the fence by the front gate. In my dream, though, suddenly Scout herself found a hole so that she could escape the fence and continue to chase a rabbit. In real life, I would be anxious about this; in my dream, I continued to find pleasure in watching her run, with a certain grace and abandon.

I woke early to prepare for my Breakfast Bible Study. We're studying John, and these guys are good. They've been studying together for over twenty years, so I'm reading a little bit of Kittel on the word "doxa" as it pertains to John. I thought they might be interested in this. They're Bible scholars, after all. One of them professes to be a "Kiekegaardian existentialist"; another calls himself a "confessional Lutheran."

I ordered my regular oatmeal and toast with peanut butter and drank plenty of coffee. After the Bible study I for some reason did not stop to buy a Saturday newspaper, as is my habit. Instead, I headed straight to the church, where I have a lot to accomplish before I go on vacation.

  • write prayers (I discover that I didn't really have to do this)
  • put together list of contemporary songs we know for music minister
  • contact several shut ins and make appointments; reorganize my shut-in list for 2008
  • get ahead on journal reading
  • make sure appropriate people have my itinerary for next week
  • check up several times on Revgals "preacher party"
  • return library book
  • buy present for my sister!

I have been trying to save money (and shelf space) by getting books out of the library instead of buying them. It's working moderately well, except that I don't always get the book read by the due date (I need to pace myself), and I really have to work to get the books back on time. Otherwise, I think the library is a great idea. I like libraries.

I finished my work day by going to visit a parish member on hospice care, and bringing home my new "Feasting on the Word" study book, with every intention of reading and studying this very evening. Somehow, though, it didn't happen. Instead we:

  • looked for car keys
  • found car keys
  • took a trip to a local used book store (where I got a few good deals)
  • knitted a couple of rows; realized that I really don't know what I'm doing on the braided cable thing, and hoping that eventually it will look ok
  • went out for burgers
  • let the dog out; stood in the door for several minutes calling her to come in; finally got her food bowl and a few kibble, after which she bolted in the door.
  • read a few pages of Abigail Thomas'book Thinking About Memoir
  • starting packing the big suitcase

The rabbits are dancing in the yard; as I get ready for bed, I'm thinking again about the fence and the gate, and the holes in the fence. I'm thinking about the joy I felt when my dog was able to keep chasing the rabbits with grace and abandon.

There's a purpose for fences, I know; but there's a purpose in living with abandon, too, to find a way out of the ordinary -- if only in our dreams.

That's what I'm thinking about tonight, anyway.


Hot Cup Lutheran said...

oh living with abandon... it always sounds like such a catchy thing to do... but in reality very hard for me at least. planning. timing. coorindating. sometimes we simply think too hard and too long about things... unlike scout perhaps who thinks and then goes... or mocha java who thinks and then shreds... mmmm...

FranIAm said...

"There's a purpose for fences, I know; but there's a purpose in living with abandon, too, to find a way out of the ordinary -- if only in our dreams."

Diane - that is one gorgeous sentence. Truly gorgeous.

Diana said...

I love libraries, too, and am also not great about returning books on time. Mr. M jokes that he volunteers weekly mainly to keep us out of library debt (as volunteers don't have to pay fines).

Lindy said...

When we go out to the lake I let Rowan run with abandon. Thing is, he never goes far.

Beautiful post, Diane. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Our dog Jazz is a rescue dog who used to run free through streets, alleys and vacant lots. She was always hungry, though. Now she has the security of fences and regular meals, but I'm sure there's a part of her that still wants to run free. There are always trade-offs.

I liked this post. Peace to you today.