Thursday, October 18, 2007

It's Raining

It's raining today. It started raining last night and hasn't quit yet. It's supposed to rain all day today and tomorrow too.

This isn't one of those torrential downpours, with thunder and lightning. It's one of those rains that you can imagine might last forty days and forty nights. If you have ever lived in a place where there is a "rainy season", it's a little like that.

Only colder.

Regarding Scout and the Cute Pumpkin Outfit, I bought it. Size Large. Except, even at Size Large, it's too small. She's not THAT large, but I guess she has kind of a long body. So the hat looks all right, but the costume only goes about halfway down her back. So I'm a little disappointed about that.

On Monday, she is going to try Doggie Day care for one day to see if it works. If she gets too anxious we have to come right back and pick her up. She likes playing at the dog park with other dogs, but there are often 60 dogs at Day Care, and that might make her anxious. We'll see.

If it works, we would like her to go one day a week. It would be good exercise. She isn't getting enough exercise lately, for a variety of reasons.

Also, Husband is having some tests on his shoulder Monday.

I'm feeling a little down (probably because of the rain), but also because sometimes the church is trying so hard to take in enough money that we forget that we exist to tell people about Jesus. So, we could barely find a little room for the Bible class for third graders that is coming up.

But, on the bright side, here is a good story:

I had coffee with a young couple on Tuesday evening. They did some premarital counseling with me. They live in the area but are not members of our church. They got married in Another State. They visited one of our worship services a few weeks ago. I said that I was sorry that I didn't see them. They said it was because they saw their neighbors, J & B (an older couple), and began to talk to them right away. Then they went on and on about how helpful and nice J & B are, and how they have been so welcoming to them as they came into the community. Then they said that J & B invited them over to their house for dinner the last weekend.

Somebody Somewhere is doing Something Right. I felt proud to be associated with J & B. They are sharing their faith by being welcoming to their neighbors. It was such a simple act, but I think a little too rare these days.


David said...

J & B sound a lot like M & J at our place. Thank God for their welcoming ministry

mompriest said...

Very nice to know someone is doing that kind of welcoming ministry!

And, thanks for the referral to the poetry party...

Wyldth1ng said...

Maybe the world is not going to hell in a handbasket, right now.

Monika said...

awww, yay for J & B!! you're right, the neighbor thing is often lost nowadays

thanks for the get well wishes, i am GREAT now thanks to Z-pak and Prednisone haha =P

DogBlogger said...

Very, very good to have people like J & B! We all need more like them.

Oh, and size Large doesn't always fit Cub either, and she only weighs 50 pounds (I know, some people out there are thinking, "only?!?"). Her seat-belt harness is Large and is let out to the very end of the straps.

Yolanda said...

I would love to see scout in his outfit.

Anonymous said...

Good luck to Scout for doggie day care...hope it works out.

Songbird said...

So, you can imagine that even X-Large does not fit 125 pound Sam...

About day care, do they have various venues within the facility? The day care we used to use separated the dogs into very appropriate groups, so there were never 50 or 60 dogs just milling about together. I hope Scout will enjoy it!

Diane said...

Songbird -- as far as I can tell,it's one big gymnasium. but I'll find out on Monday.

One of the dog parks we go to has a small dog/big dog separation.

Rowan The Dog said...

That IS a great story Diane.

Sorry you are feeling down and I hope it is just the rain. The down times are there for a reason I've discovered.

Rowan has the same problem with his clothes. I often have to have them altered a little bit. It's because he's so long.

I've been in and out this week. More out than in but I am getting caught up on the blogs. It makes it obvious which ones I really care about.

Love to Scout, and best wishes for successful day care.


Grandmère Mimi said...

Diane, cheer up, love. You have two godly people in your church who know what hospitality is. That's great.

Do some pix of Scout. I want to see the costume. After all, I urged you to spend your money.

FranIAm said...

Wow- what a post. I love the story about the couple and J&B. That is faith in community, is it not?

We have that rain right now- very steady. It is in the mid-70's, which is more than a little weird for upstate NY in October. We'd normally have had our first frost, but not yet.

Your ministry sounds so beautiful. And yes - I hear what you say about the money and finding the classroom. Such is our human condition. You do serve, that much is clear.