Tuesday, October 2, 2007

The Fab Four - a meme

I've been tagged by Presbyterian Gal for this meme:

Four jobs I've held:

Secretary at an investment firm
missionary/ESL teacher
Insurance Underwriter

Four films I could watch over and over:

Rear Window
The Thin Man
Gigi (my husband doesn't understand it)
Eight Below (it's the dogs, silly)

Four TV shows I watch:

Actually, our television is permanently set to TCM, the classic movie station. But, every once in awhile, we switch to:

Antiques Road Show
Cold Case (this is just me)(is this what it's called?)

Four places I've lived:

Minneapolis, Minnesota (land of 10,000 lakes)
Kumamoto, Japan
Denver, Colorado
Northeastern South Dakota

Four favorite foods:

Chinese food (I can take it pretty hot but watch out for those little red peppers!)
Japanese food
Cheesecake (but I hardly ever indulge!)
Chicken Pot Pie Soup (available at the deli counter of local supermarket -- except they might have just stopped making it)
Bonus: almost anything someone else has cooked

Four websites I visit every day: (there are no web sites I visit every day, but here are some I like)

Practicing Our Faith
The Loft Literary Center
The Canine Coach (the trainer who saved my dog)

Poetry 180

Four favorite colors: (from the big Crayola 64 Box!)

Burnt Umber (I actually just like the name of it)
Red (I like primary colors)

Four places I would love to be right now:

I'm right there with ya on Hawaii, but I don't have a specific locale in mind!
Sweden -- never been there either, but it is a homeland
New York City, Broadway, Metropolitan Museum of Art and bright lights, big city!
either Chicago, where nice relatives pamper us, or the North Shore -- I would escape there almost anytime

Four names I love but would/could not use for my children: (don't have children, but if I did....)

Myrna (because we love Myrna Loy, but really, couldn't inflict it on a child)
Judith (my grandmother's name, bit also I think a bit old fashioned now)
Fjaere (I had a friend in college -- her name means "butterfly" in Norwegian -- pretty, but just too difficult, I think), and finally
Emma (I actually WOULD use this one, but can't because I will not have children. It was my other grandmother's name, and I always wanted a daughter named Emma. I am secretly prejudiced toward any little girl named Emma.)

I now tag:

lj (Wild and Precious)
ps (Purpletologically Speaking)
hotcuplutheran (Freshly Ground & Freshly Brewed)
RevDrKate (Prairie Light)

You're IT!


Presbyterian Gal said...

Great answers!

I always liked burnt umber as well. And I thing there will be several of us chillin' in Hawaii.

Rowan The Dog said...

Umber is fun to say. Like shoes.

Pastor Eric said...

Interesting. Posts like this really help people get to know you better. They are questions most people don't think to ask. Thanks much.

lj said...

nice list! I added mine.

Jan said...

Nice list. My kids love the chicken pot pie I make from scratch, but now I only make it when one of them comes home to visit, esp. 22 year old BJ.

mompriest said...

burnt umber, I even like the color as well as saying it. A good fall color.

"PS" said...

Mine are up.

Barbara B. said...

Chicken Pot Pie Soup -- I gotta try that!

Anonymous said...

Great list...and I would have to pick Burnt Umber, too. I still remember it from my first set of paints.