Thursday, October 25, 2007

Images of the Prodigal Son

I don't know why, but it seems that I am into art this fall. First, it was the St. John's Bible, art that is being created right in front of us. Now, it's "Images of the Prodigal Son", a collection by a man named Jerry Evenrud. The collection is now on display at the museum of Biblical Art in New York (which I didn't even know existed.) There is also available a book of images and essays by former Luther Seminary Pastor Robert Brusic.

This Sunday Pastor Brusic will be coming to our adult forum to share some of the images and his thoughts with us.

I hope that it is yet another way for us to "get into" the Bible, and discover all the facets of this great parable.
(Image above is from the collection)


Marsha said...

If you've never read Henri Nouwen's Return Of The Prodigal Son, I would highly recommend it. I know, just what you need, another book to read. Just add it to the list! ;-)

Wyldth1ng said...


"PS" (a.k.a. purple) said...

Art just speaks in another language than words do.

Tribal Church said...

What a fascinating collection. I'm so glad you wrote about it.

Rowan The Dog said...

Of course, before literacy and words overtook the world, this is how people learned things. I love reading, and I am enormously grateful to live in a time and place where a basic education is available to everyone. But, I do sometimes wonder what we have lost in terms of our ability to learn in other ways. I think that what you are doing by putting this out there is important.