Monday, October 1, 2007


There's a small cat (maybe a kitten) who lives part-time in our garage. I saw her walking down the driveway yesterday afternoon while I was doing the dishes. Husband says, "Don't ever get tempted to leave her a little something." She looks healthy, so somebody is leaving her something. If I catch a glimpse again, I'll try to get a picture.

And this afternoon, I went out to put garbage in our garbage can and discovered a raccoon sleeping down there! I squeaked a little scream and put the lid back down. Raccoons are only cute, I believe, if you are seeing them from a distance.

By the way, the young couples dinner went fabulously well last night. 5 couples came -- not a huge crowd. But I think they will get together again, and there are 2-3 others who may want to join them.

At the end of the dinner, I gave each of them a copy of the book The Lutheran Handbook on Marriage.

P.S. by the way, the two areas the couples found right away were: How to Identify an Ill Spouse, and How to Handle an In-Law Visit. (Another good chapter: How to Train Your Spouse). As you can tell, this book mixes the serious and the light-hearted.


Wyldth1ng said...

Is that a thick book? Has that been around for awhile? Since say 1999, I am just curious, really.

more cows than people said...

yay on the successful dinner.

yikes on the raccoon.

as the for the children's sermon- it was just one of those weeks where the kids were coming out with totally unpredictable answers. and i had them do some imagining which produced some touching and funny visions. i'm not sure i retained the details well enough to write it properly.

Grandmère Mimi said...

Diane, I'm glad your dinners went well. We're trying the dinners in my parish, but it's hard to get them going. One or two have been held, but my age group, or however they're being divided now, has not had a dinner yet.

I was on the original committee, and the rector wanted us to take responsibility for the dinners, but he would not let go of being in charge. I can't work like that.

We passed everything before him, but he'd want to make changes and changes until a couple of us got discouraged and were thinking of taking ourselves off the committee.

Then my son's separation and divorce came, and he and my grandchildren needed my help. That was my excuse.

I think it's an excellent idea for getting small groups in the church to get together and socialize - just be with each other.

I hope that we can get it going.

Jan said...

So glad the dinner went well. I always loved receiving books!

I'd be scared of that raccoon, too--don't like them either.

LET'S TALK said...

Hi Dian and it seems that all is well with you and yours. I'm so happy that you are enjoying your caling and paticipating in love and sharing that love with others in your faith.

I'm sure you will get someone to your home to get rid of the raccoon they are not what I would call pets and really need to be taking away from your home.

Kievas said...

It was probably a good thing that you spotted the raccoon before Scout did!

Diane said...

I linked to the book so you can look at it wyldth1ng. I don't know that is has been around more than 1-2 years, actually.

David said...

I think in the south a raccoon in the garbage can is considered to be good luck. Or maybe it's an oppossum. I can't remember...?

Diane said...


Wyldth1ng said...

Thank you.

I hope you flushed the raccoon out be now or called animal control.

Barbara B. said...

Hmm... a 'guest' cat. I don't suppose Licorice made his way from Washington to Minnesota...

Diane said...

this one is black with white tummy and feet

Presbyterian Gal said...

I wish my church would have breakfasts.

Ditto the raccoon yikes.

and P.S. I tagged you over at my place.

Rowan The Dog said...

fear this.

Seriously, put some human scent near the trash can. A piece of clothing that has been worn by someone will work fine.

Good luck.


"PS" said...

Sounds like a great book for them to have...and to continue to use throughout a lifetime. Hope you get a glimpse of the kitty again.

Pastor David said...


Glad your dinner went well - I'd love to try something like that here, but I think I need someone else to organize it - my energy is focused on other areas of our ministry right now.

I have a copy of the LH on Marriage, and haven't really spent much time with it yet. Do you find it particularly useful, or just fun?

RevDrKate said...

The book and dinner sound great.

Don't tell Dear One there is a kitten or we will be having a RevGal Rescue Mission being organized to MPLS.

We have a racoon in the garage. Needless to say, there is no thought of getting rid of it...see above re:rescues. Yes raccoons, too! I do not jest.

I will play the meme as soon as I get breathing room, it looks fun.

Diane said...

pastor david, there is a "lutheran course on marriage" now that goes with the book and some of the more serious stuff. I haven't used it, but it looks interesting.

I like David Olson's book Empowering Couples, although it is not specifically Christian.