Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Eucharistic Prayer for Pentecost 5 Year A

Gracious and Holy God,
Creator of farms and seeds and soil,
You have given us so many things:
Sun and rain, flower and fruit,
All green and growing things,
All animals leaping or swimming,
Crawling or flying.
Let all who have eyes, see
The abundance of your love.

You came among us, in the hands and the eyes
And the feet and the words
Of our friend and savior Jesus,
Who healed the sick
And forgave sinners,
Who welcomed children
And who spoke to us in parables.
Let all who have ears, listen
And hear the story of your love.

We give thanks to you,
For the scattered words,
For the scattered seeds
Of Jesus’ love for us
Poured out for us
And for this whole creation.

Send now your Holy Spirit to us
As we share this meal. 
As we share your life.
Prepare our hearts to receive you.
Open our Hearts to share your extravagance, your life,
Your love.

Amen.  Come Lord Jesus.

(to Words of Institution)

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