Monday, December 27, 2010

On the Third Day of Christmas

....I began packing.

We are leaving tomorrow, not so early, actually in the afternoon.  So I began packing today, but I did not feel the urgency to finish.  I packed a couple of pairs of socks (the handknitted ones in the carry-on), but didn't get a whole lot further than that.

I got a call this morning from the church office.  An elderly man from the church had called because his wife was in the hospital.  So I went over for a little while.  Her son and daughter in law relayed this conversation:  Hospital worker:  how long have you been married?
Wife:  66 years.
Hospital worker:  What do you love about I.? (her husband)
Wife:  I love.... I love.... I just love I..

I went over to the church, to tie up some loose ends.  I hope I tied them up good!  Called new parents, made a couple calls about a memorial service when I get back, sent out an email and a letter. 

When I got home, I found out that Scout had eaten almost a whole tin of cookies.  Unfortunately, some of them were raisin cookies.  So she and I were at the vet for awhile this afternoon.  They think she's going to be okay, but they can't be sure.

My throat still hurts.  Sometimes I don't want to talk.  so tonight I'm taking the cure suggested by a bartender, sipping a little blackberry brandy.  I'll let you know how it goes.

I think I'll pack a couple more odds and ends, maybe a book.

On the third day of Christmas it doesn't even seem like Christmas any more.  What happened?  All of a sudden it is just December again, cold, with big snow drifts (I shoveled), a possibly sick dog, and a little blackberry brandy, a suitcase.  How can I remind myself that even though it's an ordinary December day, in God's time, it isn't?  

Right now the possibly sick dog is on her back, with her paws in the air, playing the "shake my paw" game and wagging her tail.  Maybe she will be okay. 

It's the third day of Christmas, and God is among us. 


Terri said...

Oh...the things my dogs have eaten and lived to tell the story: entire chicken carcasses (antidote: no food - only a slice of white bread with 2 Tabls. metamucil three times a day for 72 hours - idea is to coat any potential sharp edges of bone so they pass without incident); an entire bag of dark chocolate extracted from a closed suitcase, plastic bag opened, but ALL chocolate consumed including foil wrappers. Antidote: two tablespoons of hydrogen pyroxide on white bread to make the dog upchuck the contents of tummy... and then watch dog for days, monitoring for allergic reaction and hypertension).

There's more, like the story about the parrot that ate grapes... but I'll spare you the details....LOL

I hope Scout really is ok...that you feel better, and that you have a great trip.

Diane M. Roth said...

well, raisins are supposed to be particularly bad, but only for some dogs. the vet gave her stuff to make her vomit, but she wouldn't. I wish she would have....

Rev SS said...

Oh Diane ... so sorry .. I hate it when beloved pet is cause for worry ... hoping and praying for good outcome, and better day tomorrow.