Friday, November 12, 2010

Winter's On the Way Friday Five

Singing Owl over at Revgalblogpals gives us this Friday Five:

The picture is of my back deck after the first heavy snow last winter. I am looking at the weather forecast with a sigh of resignation. You see, our glorious unseasonable stretch of sunny days is ending and rain mixed with snow is in the forecast. The weather guy actually said, "This is probably the last nice day till spring, folks..." So, I am trying to plan ahead. Help me out, please. When it is cold outside.

1. What is your favorite movie for watching when curled up under a wooly blanket?
I'm curled up right now, and for some reason I'm thinking of the movie "Roman Holiday."  Don't ask me why.
2. Likewise, what book?
Any GOOD mystery.  I'm liking the Chet and Bernie (Dog On it) mysteries right now, as well as Maisie Dobbs and Clare Ferguson.  Always looking for a new series.

3. What foods do you tend to cook/eat when it gets cold?
Soups and stews.  I love to make Tortellini Soup and Chicken Chili when it gets cold. 
4. What do you like to do if you get a "snow day" (or if you don't get snow days, what if you did)?
We don't get snow days here (we're so used to snow), but when I did, out in rural South Dakota, I liked to watch movies, eat popcorn and pizza, and read.  I didn't like to, but I also used the time to catch up on paperwork.

5. Do you like winter sports or outdoor activities, or are you more likely to be inside playing a board game? Do you have a favorite (indoors or out)?
My favorite sport is really swimming, which is not a great cold-weather sport.  I skate a little, but I'm not a great cold-weather sports person.  Too bad, because this is a great cold-weather sport state.  My favorite board game is Scrabble.  I like to work puzzles.  That would be a great "snow day" activity, I think.



Di said...

Have you read Victoria Thompson's gaslight mystery series? I'm charmed by it right now.

Diane M. Roth said...

no, but I'll be looking at them next.

Jan said...

Today at the local food market, "the herb lady" recommended some books, but I can't remember the author. When I just started googling, I found a mystery series I'd never heard of, which is set in China 1300 years ago! So I'm going to check them out at the library--Judge Dee mysteries by Robert Van Gulik.