Monday, March 10, 2008

Six (More) Random Things

I was tagged for this somewhat familiar meme over at Law and Gospel. I think I did a somewhat similar meme recently (although, to be fair, I think it was six quirky things). So, here I go again, as random as I can possibly be, and with a twist: 6 random things that might be grist for a story (or not).

1. I wore our house key around my neck on a string starting when I was in the 4th grade, because my mom went back to work part-time. When my mom had a job, I was in charge of letting my sister and me in after school. Sometimes I forgot though, and my sister and I had to break in through a bedroom window. My sister did most of the breaking and entering though. Just recently it has occurred to me that my 4th grade teacher felt sorry for me. I knew this in the 4th grade, but I didn't know why. I still wonder what she thought my life was like.

2. There was a little girl in our community in South Dakota who used to come to church and Sunday school by herself. Everyone called her "the church girl" because she liked church. I sometimes wonder what happened to her.

3. Scout does not have a middle name, although we still did the meme. However, the dog and cat we had growing up did: Fluffy Gray and Charlie Brown. Fluffy was first and she never did get to be great friends with Charlie.

4. My first "date" was in 8th grade. A classmate and I went to an old amusement park (which has since closed). It had a rickety old roller coaster. His mother drove us.

5. I talk in my sleep sometimes, according to others. Once, at church camp, we were sleeping outside, and they were asking me questions, and I was answering them, I guess. I have also been told that I have answered the phone in my sleep once or twice.

6. They did not allow girls to be acolytes in my church growing up. Or anything else.

I'm not sure who to tag. I'll start with Pastor David, and come back with more later.


Jiff said...

I alwasy learn cool stuff from reading your blog...I wonder, too, about folks who come and go from our lives.
It's nice to catch up on your blog!

Anonymous said...

Answering the phone in your there's a trick.

Diane said...

well, David, the phone was right next to my bed then. And there were a couple of times people say they talked to me on Sunday night, but I don't remember it They also said I didn't make much sense So....???

Lindy said...

I used to wear a house key around my neck too. I was supposed to let in me and my brother only, like you, I sometimes forgot... the part about letting in my brother that is.

To this day it makes me smile. I probably should be ashamed of myself. But, I just laugh instead.


Diane said...

Lindy, I know I shouldn't, but it makes me smile, too.

Jan said...

Since you talk in your sleep, does that mean you remember doing it? How are you with dreams? I don't remember many of mine, but I've heard that it's more a practice of habit than anything else.

Presbyterian Gal said...

Yeah, I talk in my sleep too. Even carry on full conversations where people swear I am awake.

And I used to go to Sunday School and church by myself as a child. But not in South Dakota.

DogBlogger said...

I, too, have talked on the phone in my sleep. And one night in college, my roommate woke up in the middle of a conversation she and I were having with each other while still asleep. She said it was obvious that I was answering some question she asked!

gartenfische said...

Interesting, Diane!

I used to talk in my sleep. I don't think I do anymore. My dad used to say that my sister and I would have conversations in our sleep!

Barbara B. said...

Now you've got me curious about "the church girl" too... (but at least we can rule out Presbyterian Gal)

Mary Ellen said...

Wow, that story about the church girl is interesting. When I was young I used to like to walk to church by myself when the weather was nice. I lived about 3 miles from the church, so it was a long walk for a kid. It's not that my parents didn't go to Mass, but I felt that I was more grown up if I did it by myself. I still remember that time with a smile because I always felt so peaceful in the early morning hours when most people were still sleeping.

I wonder if I was dubbed "the church girl"? LOL!

Regarding the sleep talking...I have a son who doesn't talk in his sleep, but makes this very loud groaning sound that stretches on for the longest time. It's creepy. I feel sorry for whoever is going to be his dorm mate next year! Maybe I should warn him so he doesn't think my son is dying or something! :-D

Great job on your meme, kiddo!

Mrs. M said...

I'm butting in to say that I love the idea of your best Palm Sunday sermon ("the test of a Messiah," mentioned over at the RGBP Lectionary Leanings). Thanks for sharing the perspective.

Diane said...

Wow, thanks Mrs. M! Butt in any time!

"PS" (a.k.a. purple) said...

Not much will wake me up at night...except for my cat jumping up on the bed to be petted...which she did about 8 times last night.

LutheranChik said...

We had a Church Girl in our parish several years ago. I'm not sure what historical connection, if any, her family had with our church, but her parents and siblings didn't attend. She came, all by herself, for a couple of years. She went to confirmation class by herself. On Confirmation Sunday, when our pastor invited parents and sponsors of the confirmands to join him in laying hands on the confirmands' heads, all of the girl's classmates laid hands on her; it was a very moving moment.

She kept attending for maybe a year...then disappeared. I wonder about this girl too.