Saturday, March 29, 2008

A Cry for Help

Here are some of the books I am interested in now:

1. A Soldier's Heart, by Elizabeth Mamet. Sounds like a really interesting memoir from the pespective of an English teacher who works as West Point.

2. Bliss, Eric Weiner. A foreign correspondent and grump goes out in search of the happiest places on earth. Can you believe: Iceland? (gotta let local author Bill Holm know about this!)

3. The God of Animals, Aryn Kyle. Just looked intriguing. Such a young novelist.

4. Mudbound, Hillary Jordan. Won Barbara Kingsolver's Bellwether award for social justice. Also heard word of mouth review: "I haven't read a book in years, but this one converted me."

5. The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian, by Sherman Alexie. I heard him on the radio talking about his book, and his life. He was charming, humorous, poignant. The book won the National Book Award.

6. I Don't Believe in Atheists, by Chris Hedges. Part of this book has been floating around the internet, as a speech, I believe. After all the evangelical atheists, it seems like a good idea.

*7. Sundays in America, by Suzanne Strempek Shea. It got incredibly good reviews. She was interviewed on NPR. I read the first chapter at the local Large Chain Bookstore, and was hooked.

This is RIDICULOUS, partly because I don't just want to read these books, I want to OWN them. Please, tell me, remind me about the rewards of library cards Help me before I buy too many books!

Also, I do have a large backlog of partially read books, all of them similarly worthwhile. Some of these titles: Breathing Space, by Pastor Heidi Neumark, The Tipping Point (we all recognize that one, don't we?), Reading the Bible with the Damned (I read the last chapter first, called "Jesus as the Good Coyote"; it was brilliant, but I never worked all the way backward).

*I bought this one.


dust bunny said...

Sorry, but I have a strict policy of never checking out a book from the library when I can pay the big bucks to buy it from the corner book pusher.

Diane said...

dust bunny -- do you have a big house and a lot of money? just asking...

P.S. an after-thought said...

You'd hit it off well with my pastor. She even started a book club to have someone to discuss the books with.

I used to read novels like there was nothing else in the whole world. Then I switched to self help books. Now I don't read either because I read blogs and reading related to my other interests. I miss novels, but not enough to just sit and read long enough to get hooked again.

Lindy said...

I have honestly been happier with my personal library after I got really strict about keeping it under 200. I enjoy giving books away after I've read them. (in fact, I've got one on the corner of my desk to send to you!) I like borrowing from the library which really is a great invention and a luxury if you think about it. And the books that I have are the ones I use and/or love too deeply to part with.

For my money, you OWN the book as soon as you read it and interact with it. As soon as the author becomes a friend, or author's idea sparks another one in you... THAT's when you own the book.

I say go to the library... Just me.

Scratches to Scout!

Diane said...

thyanks for the support, lindy!

Jan said...

I think I'm too much like Dust Bunny! Our local library never seems to have the books I want.

All your desired books sound interesting--hope you get them somehow, someway. I'm trying not to buy anymore new books, except I just posted about an idealistic book on my blog. . . .not sure that I'll buy it though.

Kievas said...

We use our library system a lot, both for books and movies. There is the occasional purchase, but usually from a library book sale. I just wish I had more time to read!

FranIAm said...

I have Bliss from the library but it is a two week book and I have not yet begun it!

I am reading I Don't Believe in Atheists, which Diane I will most happily put in the post to you when I am done.

And I just got invited to join a women's spiritual book circle that will meet monthly.

How will I find the time!!?!!??

Diane said...

well, Keivas, there is that too!

and fran, I don't know HOW you find the time. I would be grateful to get a copy of that book, and be able to check it off my list. then I can pass it along, too??