Thursday, March 27, 2008

Four Signs That I Am Getting Old

1. Sore neck -- I had one all day. It hurt whenever I moved it.
2. High Cholesterol. When I first told my aunt, she gasped and said, "At your young age!" But you see -- I fooled her. I suddenly got old.
3. Blurred vision. After I work on the computer for a long time, all of a sudden all of the letters turn blurry! And I can't focus them any more. I have heard that this is a sign of old age.
4. Ugly toenails. Granted, one of them is ugly because I dropped something on it. But still, ugly, old toenails run in my family.

I was young until -- what? -- two days ago or something. I've been young for the longest time. Even the gray streak -- cute (or so I was told). I'm not sure I know how to be old yet. I only know how to be young.

Anybody have any tips?


Paul said...

Only that the shock wears off. Welcome!

Hot Cup Lutheran said...

#1 - heating pad?
#2 - eat oatmeal
#3 - make a concerted effort to blink more often when at the computer. we tend to stare and the stare turns to blur
#4 - oh what was #4??? wait am i getting old cuz i can't remember? oh yes - toe nails. polish. always keep them polished.

Presbyterian Gal said...

Except for the high cholesterol I match all those!!!

Tips for being young: Live in Egypt.... By denial.


gartenfische said...

Ah Diane. This is funny because we all go through it, eh?

What can we do about it??? (I guess that's what you were asking!) I suppose at some point we get used to it and then maybe it doesn't bother so much---it's those in-between times that are hardest (I hope).

P.S. an after-thought said...

consider the alternative.

FranIAm said...

I don't think that you are old, but that's just me. And I am willing to share that with you, being as we were born in the same year and all...

1. Yoga
2. Oatmeal. And yoga.
3. Yoga.
4. Like Hot Cup, my memory is not what it once was... Oh toenails? Well, no yoga for that. Sorry! Go with the polish!

I thought this day came in April or am I really off of my mark? I am notorious in my family for not remembering anyone's.

CJWille said...

I'm with Paul. Welcome to the club. Didn't someone once say "growing old isn't for sissies."

Diane said...

ah, but CJ, you are younger than I am....

CJWille said...

Youth is a perception of mind. There has been research done on aging: is it a force from without, or a force from within. My pressure cooker in the last 6 months has "aged" me. I would hope to a more perfect state, but I fear it's a stressed one.

Paul said...

I would join in the "oatmeal chorus." I have been on meds to reduce cholesterol for years. I am overweight and admittedly sedentary, my diet is high in butter and cheese, though not much red meat. Cardiac crisis in the making, no? But I have fallen into the habit of having a large bowl of oatmeal most mornings (not instant: old-fashioned, it only takes 3 minutes in the microwave), with dried blueberries and raw nuts liberally added. I don't like fish (sorry, Swedish ancestors) so I take fish oil tablets too.

Had a blood test two weeks ago. My cholesterol was better than below 200; it was 130. My cardiac risk figure was below average. Not bad for an out-of-shape codger in his 60s.

Three cheers for oatmeal!

Lindy said...

I also eat a good bowl of oatmeal every morning... often my only decent meal for the day, I admit. I sprinkle on some stuff I got at the hippy store downtown and fresh berries, usually blue. And, despite my otherwise very questionable diet, my cholesterol stays way under 200... it was 207 when I started.

Rowan helps me stay feeling young. Were it not for him I'd be home reading and writing all the time. He gets me out to the lake.

Diane said...

well, I eat oatmeal 2-3 times a week. I'd eat every day, but husband likes other things...I'll do the fish oil, too...(though I do like fish, just don't cook it much)