Monday, March 31, 2008


Yesterday we took Scout on a walk around the lake for the first time this year. It was in the 50s. Lots of people. Lots of dogs.

Today, it is snowing. Big wet heavy snowflakes. (sigh.) Welcome to Minnesota.

Re: the sermon about "sharing the peace" -- one person asked, half-joking: "Would Jesus sneeze into his hand and then pass the peace? Do you think Jesus is contagious?" answer: "Yes, but in a good way."

Just wondering: If there were a warm-up act for a poetry reading, what would it be?

We saw Mary Oliver last night at the Historic State Theatre. She was wonderful, funny, profound, and warm. She read three poems about her dog, Percy (who, it turns out, is a bichon rescue). She says that he asks her when she gets back: "What's my cut?" She talked a little about her love for nature: "Nature is holy and wonderful in itself, and not just because we need it."

However, the whole time I was fighting a migraine, and not winning. I'm hoping now that it is on the way out, but it's too soon to tell.

Have a nice day...or, more appropriately, Peace be with you.


FranIAm said...


Sorry about the migraine, and the snow.

But Mary Oliver! Wow- how great to have seen her.

I send good thoughts!

Presbyterian Gal said...

Warm up act for poetry: "haiku on the half shell" (don't ask me what it means)

Sorry about your migraine. Those just suck.

Peace to you as well,

P.S. an after-thought said...

We won't get this storm either.

Jan said...

You are so lucky to have seen Mary Oliver! Wow!

My daughter experienced similar changes in weather up in Seattle, WA. Sorry about such a late snow.

Hope you feel better soon.

Wyldth1ng said...

Good luck on the migraine, I feel for you.

Pondering the Word said...
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Lindy said...

"Yes, but in a good way."

Oh Diane, I just adore you for that!

I admit that I am one of those who washes and exfoliates before placing the precious body of OL in my grubby paw. I am sometimes tempted to do a quick Purell between the peace and the mass. But, then I think of all the hoodlums and hookers Jesus ate with and I figure He wouldn't mind.

Hope you are feeling well.

Pastor Eric said...

I am enjoying this snow in your neck of the at Luther Seminary. Bring on Spring!

Diane said...

Eric, you're at Sem? We should have lunch! (not Wednesday, though...)

Anonymous said...


Barbara B. said...

Hope you're feeling much better!

Pastor Eric said...

Lunch today (Tuesday) would be great for me. We have a lunch break at 12noon until 1:30pm.

dust bunny said...

Great stuff/migraine...a mixed bag. Hope you're feeling much better!
I drove from one end of the state to the other yesterday.....every possible weather condition possible. weird.

Pastor Eric said...

Thanks again for making the trip to Luther Sem to have lunch with me. It was fun finally meeting you face to face.

Ann said...

I'm so sorry about your migraine. But I do envy you the chance to see Mary Oliver? Wonder if she'd come to my little Tennessee burg? It seems that Yoko Ono was here last week (go figure). Mary Oliver IS the rock star of poetry these days.