Monday, November 5, 2007

Some small things...

It looks like we really might be able to go to New York City after all. The only thing is: we aren't sure we can still find a hotel at this late date. We have someone who will take Scout, which is not a minor feat. Our friends have still left their calendar open for showing us around. We know almost nothing about airline tickets or how to get from respective airports to where we might be staying. Still, I'm optimistic.

I had a little post earlier today, but I deleted it. Brain fatigue made it less than illuminating, I thought.

I had been thinking so heavily about saints lately, and living a holy life. So at the same time I've been thinking about the Reformation emphasis on salvation by faith. The reformers became fairly adamant about not trusting any of our own "good works" for salvation, but simply trusting Jesus' work for us.

This gives rise to the story of the Lutheran clergyman who, on his deathbed, was certain that he was going to heaven, because he couldn't remember ever having done a good work!

I guess if you never do a good work, you will never been tempted to "trust in them."

I'm not sure if this is any more illuminating.

Sigh. I'm still tired.

It's cold and windy here. SNOW FLURRIES.

Scout and I are going for a walk. Afterwards, maybe I'll delete this post again and start over.


Tribal Church said...

I'm trying to figure out a trip to the city myself. Over Thanksgiving, when a hotel room costs as much as my first car. I have the sinking feeling that it's not going to hppen.

Have you been to the Cloisters? It's wonderful to visit.

I hope you get some rest...

FranIAm said...

When will you be coming? I am there part time and up here in Albany part time. Although I sadly missed Grandmere, I would love to try again and meet you.

What am I saying- you know how to reach me via email.

I know of a hotel that is probably (by NY standards) reasonably priced. It is very, very plain jane, but I stayed there this summer when I had a late night event and an early meeting the next day. Em me if you want the details.

And Tribal Church is correct- the Cloisters is one of my all time favorite places in NYC to visit.

Anyway, you need some rest sister, so I pray for you to get that.

Anonymous said...

I was going to respond to the works vs. faith issue, but my brain is frazzled too. I guess my feeling is that "works" for their own sake should never be a goal, but it's hard to imagine living a life that Jesus calls us to without reaching out to someone else.

Rowan The Dog said...

No... this is hilarious and I am trying to get to know the Lutherans and, frankly, I am relieved to see that there some humor in there. They sometimes seem so serious to me. I just started a biography of Luther. Maybe that will help. Don't delete the post.

You might be able to get a room at the Episcopal seminary. I have a buddy who has stayed there a couple of times. I think it was practically free. You might have to be an alum. But, it's worth a phone call.

New Yorkers are very kind to tourists and you will find people to help you. The Carey bus goes everywhere as does the subway and cabs are cheap. Go. have fun! I'm glad you will get some time off.

BTW, hows the cat?


Chris said...

Try priceline. My dad has booked $400 rooms in Manhattan for $79 - several times.

Diane said...

tribal church -- haven't been to cloisters, but it's one of our goals. It's been since, oh, 1980s since I was in New York. We're a little nervous on many levels.
Lindy -- oh, was that supposed to be funny? --ok, I don't know the name OR the # of the Episcopal sem, but I'll give it a try. and finally, haven't seen the kitty lately, I'm worried about her.
fran & others -- I'll take ANY suggestions for hotels

RevDrKate said...

I hope you get to go, you sound like someone who needs a vacation. Sounds like some good leads on cheap fun, too. Bless the bloggers!

Barbara B. said...

Hope NYC works out! That would be great!

more cows than people said...

when are you going??? if you go... maybe i could scoot down for a blogger meet-up.

and your little post was thought provoking, di.

shall we do the self-affirming meme you suggested my way? sounds like we both could use it.

Grandmère Mimi said...

Diane, I hope that you get to go. I love New York, and you sound as if you need a vacation.

Just be sure you don't do any good works before you go or while you're there.

Diane said...

still having trouble with hotels, found one for friday and saturday only, but not thursday. gotta decide soon.
I appreciate all the help of bloggers.
more cows, I have the 10 random things meme first, but then I think yes!, let's do the affirming one.

Diane said...

also the priceline thing is not offering any deals right now just the same old high prices.
too bad! would be fun to stay at the Algonquin!

mompriest said...

it's been way too long since I've been to NYC. Always stayed with friends when I went so I know nothing about the hotels.

i hope you have a wonderful time.

Wyldth1ng said...

I hope you find a way to go.

Good Luck.

LutheranChik said...

Your joke about good works reminds me of the story of German author/humorist and bon vivant Heinrich Heine, son of a Lutheran pastor, who nearly died from a critical illness; while lying in what his family thought would be his deathbed, family members came to him and suggested that it was time for him to "get right with God." To which Heine replied, "It's my job to keep sinning, and God's job to keep forgiving me." Unfortunately, while there's a kernel of truth in this, I think too many Lutherans stop there.;-)