Sunday, November 11, 2007

The Remains of my Day

Yesterday at the Bible class with third graders, I was teaching about the four gospels. "There are four stories of Jesus in the Bible," I said, while writing on the white board. "There's Matthew's story, and Mark's story, Luke's story and John's story." A little girl raised her hand with a question. "Why aren't there any girls?" she asked.

Later on I met with a woman who lost her husband after sixty-one years of marriage. She remembered what a handsome man he was. When they first started dating, she would take off her glasses in hopes of impressing him. He used to sing, in a deep resonant voice, "Let me call you sweetheart." He was a gentleman, she told me. Her father really liked him, after some initial reservations. (Their first date was at a New Year's Eve Party, and her car wouldn't start, so she couldn't come home that night. Her father said, "this will come to no good end!")

Today, at church, we gave fourteen third graders their Bibles, the ones they had already been underlining in. One of the girls immediately zipped hers in a carrying-case, with charms dangling from it. One little girl we didn't know came up. She and her family are from India. They have been coming to the church for a little while, but we didn't have an address or a name for her. So we wrote down her name and address, and we promised to give her a Bible with her name in it, just like all the others.

We also honored veterans, had them stand around the baptismal font. At both services, the people stood and clapped at that time in the service.

The opening song today:

Jesus loves me

The closing song:

America the Beautiful


Wyldth1ng said...

I can't find my Bible from 3rd grade, I had looked for it while home last. It seems to be avoiding me for some reason. I couldn't find the one they gave me for graduation either. Next time I am back home, I am going to look for them again, though.

I am happy you recognized your veterans.
Thank you.

Grandmère Mimi said...

We didn't so anything special for the veterans today. I'm surprised because we have several in the congregation.

The gift of Bibles with the children's names on them is a lovely idea, Diane.

FranIAm said...

As a Catholic kid in 1965, there was no Bible in 3rd grade!

However, thankfully that has changed.

As for your third graders, I have so enjoyed reading about them. This is so lovely and warms my heart. And then a new little girl from India.

Is this not the birthday of Luther or was it yesterday? I recall hearing that.

Due to some bad ideas on the part of the church I attend, Martin Luther had to follow his heart and did. I have this eternal image of him, that I once read about, privately still saying Mass in his cell. To himself. In German.

Anectdote or truth - it causes me to pause and pray.

We are all brothers and sisters, are we not.

Two other things-
1- yes come tomorrow, we are the same age!

2- thanks for your wonderful remarks that really helped me calm my anger and clarify my thoughts.

Peace to you sister.

Diane said...

Fran, FYI, back in the olden days we got Bibles in the 7th grade. too late, I think. I like when we do it now.

Jan said...

I love how you talked to the kids about the four different STORIES. The little girl's response was very good. What a good conversation you all had.

Presbyterian Gal said...

You had a lovely day. Thanks for sharing it.

Rowan The Dog said...

Well, there ARE girl stories, the foremost being The Gospel of Mary. It's just that the boys wouldn't let them be in the Bible. Maybe the better question is how can we reform what we call canonical? Are we telling the right stories?

Just personally, I am pretty much done with "The Bible" in its current form.


Diane said...

well, Lindy, you have a point...
in third grade, I couldn't tell her about the Gospel of Mary yet, but I did remind her that there were women disciples, like Mary M.

Pastor David said...

Great reflection, thanks.

LawAndGospel said...

I did not get a Bible until 9th grade ( the end of confirmation) _ way too late- what is the magic of 3rd grade?

Diane said...

in third grade they still love books and words, I think. kids aren't as jaded then...