Sunday, May 10, 2009

Still, A Lot to Be Thankful For

Just before the first service started this morning, a young couple walked in. Two years ago in April, I officiated at their wedding. Then they moved to New York, where they have living a fast-paced and full life. This morning I greeted them and they told me that they would give me some news at the end of the service. The news: they are expecting their first child. A boy. The only problem? I have a lot of yarn for a baby blanket, but it's pink. Oh well.

At the 10:00 service, the 6th graders were recognized as they end their "Sunday School" days and look forward to confirmation next year. Four of them read poems about themselves that they had composed. It was delightful.

The cherub choir sang a song, complete with impromptu dancing by the youngest member.

The intern's sermon touched on Mother's Day. She invited people to complete the statement, "My mother told me...." on a board out in the narthex after the service.

My parents and my mother-in-law came over for Mother's Day. My brother and his children came over as well. We had salads, sandwiches and pie.

Scout was very excited for about the first five minutes after everyone arrived. Then she calmed down and became the charming, smiling dog we recognize. She loves when we have people over to visit, but the first five minutes are always difficult.

There are many small blessings in my life. They fly in and out of my heart. often I don't remember them. -- I'll see a cardinal in the trees, or watch Scout meditate in tall grass, or hear a prayer.


Juniper said...

oh, i love this post. thank you for the reminder to love the small things.

mompriest said...

While swimming in the pool with my husband - both of us had the day off - I was thinking about how absolutely delightful this day is, just doing simple things....walking, bathing dogs, swimming.

Also - tomorrow I will be mailing a box to you...finally!