Wednesday, May 20, 2009

too bad for me

i am typing this with my right hand. i'm really not supposed to use my left hand at all.
but i have not been good.
i typed my funeral sermon and my elbow ached.
don't feel too sorry for me. it's not such a bad break.
i need to be patient but i'm not
plus i am discovering how hard it is for me not to write
just notes doodles and stuff
it's like not eating potato chips.
i don't mean typing
there's something about feeling a pen in my hand

some things are hard like
washing my hair

some things are impossible though
i.e. opening jars
can't do it

i will still read blogs but probably not comment
for awhile

maybe i'll write some


St Edwards Blog said...

Sending you lots of love and prayers. Also, I hope it is not a burden (feel free to not follow up on it!) but I have something for you St Edward's blog.

Rev SS said...

sorry! what's the prognosis? when will you be back in full swing?

Magdalene6127 said...

the poetry of the arm-break!


alice said...

diane, why you not try to visit ? you can use your imagination what happened in there .

Rev Scott said...

Is it bad that this poem made me laugh more than it inspired sympathy for you? :-)

Praying for a speedy, full recovery

Diane said...

rev scott -- wasn't supposed to be a poem

Lauralew said...

:(. Hugs to you, you sound frustrated. No wonder!

Paul said...

Love, prayers, and cyberhugs (the kind that don't do further damage). May you heal quickly and completely.

Lindy said...

I am sorry for this hard time.
Hang in there.

Barbara B. said...

I'm sorry!

But haiku is a good idea!

mompriest said...

and now. for some mysterious reason, I can read your blog again...very odd...

I'm sorry about the broken arm :-( but glad the box arrived :-)

Crimson Rambler said...

as I recall, pantyhose are no fun at all one-handed either.
speedy recovery, my friend!