Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Fun and Productive first Day of Vacation (mostly)

My vacation officially kicked off at 6:30 last night as we were invited to be a part of a cruise on the St. Croix River.  It was all a part of a friend's celebration of the 25th anniversary of her ordination.  So her congregation sponsored a dinner cruise for her and her family, as well as some of the members of her congregation.  They had a great dinner, a fun program honoring her (my husband wrote a song in her honor) and a three-piece dixieland jazz band.  My husband and I liked them so much, we started calling out the songs we wanted them to play (It Don't Mean a Thing, St. Louis Blues, Washington Square).  Then toward the end of the cruise they came over and serenaded us.

I finished up a pair of bright blue cabled footies as a little present for my friend.  I actually put the finishing touches on the toe while we were driving out to the party.

This morning my husband made breakfast.   I started knitting a washcloth using a cotton blend yarn.  (I am avoiding the sweater.)

I got a pedicure for the first time in a long time, and then bought a new pair of sandals (aren't they pretty?) 

I made a mistake in the washcloth and ended up ripping up the whole thing and starting over.

I finally got some financial work done, and paid some bills. 

We took the car in (one of the tires has been deflating) and found out there was a screw embedded in it. 

We walked up to the grocery store to buy coffee and sandwiches.  The ice cream truck was there and they were offering free ice cream sandwiches.

We bought a new coffee pot.  (That is exciting!)  I returned some defective merchandise, and got a new item.  I drooled over ipads some, and asked questions about them. 

My husband got a massage.

And when we returned home, we discovered a charming movie was on, one that we had never seen before:  "I Know Where I'm Going." Wonderful, enchanting movie about a young woman who has her whole life planned out, and is going to marry a rich man in Scotland.  Except that this storm is getting in the way....

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Terri said...

Nice! I am looking forward to having some time off in a month! Enjoy your time!