Sunday, June 5, 2011

Reading the Bible, Day 5: Exodus 1 - 15

The Israelites started in Egypt as valued guests.  Suddenly, the ruling powers don't remember Joseph, and besides:  the Israelites are getting to be (ahem) a pretty large minority.  What if they aren't the minority any more? 

As I consider the story of the Israelites and Moses and Pharoah and their slavery and their escape, these things come to mind:

1.  Pharoah is stubborn and keeps changing his mind.  But it is God who makes his stubborn.
2.  Moses keeps mentioning that stammer of his. I for one am getting a little tired of it.
3.  The Israelites make it across the Sea, but they aren't exactly THERE yet.  There's a wilderness between slavery and freedom.
4.  Plagues, burning bushes, darknness, unleavened bread:  these are some of the images in Exodus.

But at the end of today, anyway, the Israelites are singing and dancing.  Tomorrow they may whine and complain, but today they are singing and dancing.  Sometimes I think I can almost hear the melody.


RuthAnn said...

I don't see many comments, and I don't have any either - but I want to thank you for your posting - I am sure others are reading, I know I am!

Diane said...

thanks for posting, Ruth Ann!