Sunday, June 12, 2011

My Sunday

I begin, as is traditional, on Saturday evening, and not just because we have a Saturday evening service.  But, we have a small traditional service on Saturday evening, in our chapel.  The chapel has a small pipe organ, which is out for repair all summer.  So, we had traditional worship with piano instead of organ this week.  A few of the people at church were worshipping on Saturday because they were going to be working for our Pot Luck Dinner today (lots of food and bring a dollar for World Hunger).  They wanted to hear the sermon, I guess, which makes me smile.

Someone wanted me to mention the Dinner and invite people to give a dollar, even if they couldn't come today.  So they did.

After church we were invited to a graduation open house, a family who had moved out a way from our community, but still somehow makes it in to worship more often than not.  I had never been out to their house, out in the country, but we got directions from Mapquest and set out.  We drove and drove and drove and did not find their house, so gave up and went home. 

This morning I got up early even though we had decided only to have one service at 10:00 (in honor of the pot luck).  I made tuna pasta with pesto, so that nobody could say, "the pastor never brings anything to the pot luck.")  (By the way, nobody has ever said that.)  I got to church pretty early, so that I could make sure the mikes were set up for the people reading in different languages, tie a couple more ribbons to the fan I was using for the children's message, practice my sermon.  oh, and I wanted to make sure that someone I invited to church didn't come at 8:00 today -- the only time all summer we're not having church on the lawn!

The organist began the service with Spirit of God, Descend Upon my Heart.  The band then continued with Ev'ry Time I Feel the Spirit.  Six people read John 3:16 in different languages during a break in the Acts reading.  The children left during the sermon to make colorful streamers, which they brought in later in the service.  We processed around the church with the streamers, singing 'We are Marching in the Light of God.'

I have to say, those streamers were SO COOL.

Afterwards, I prayed for a woman who is having surgery this week.  Prayed for the food before the pot luck.  Ate the pot luck.  Saw the 5th grade graduation paper of one of our students (I think he's proud).  Saw directions taped to my door if I ever want to try to get to this family's house again.

Then I went home, with just a little bit of tuna pasta with pesto left, which my family ate.  I took a nap. 

We had salad for supper, and watched Laurel and Hardy try to carry that piano up the stairs.

Oh yeah, and I do think my sermon turned out pretty good.

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Fran said...

This makes me smile and think about all the small s sacraments that we live each day. Oh the dynamism of the Spirit- in the streamers, in the piano, in the sermon, in your blog.

Thanks be to God!