Friday, January 4, 2008


Tonight I am doing laundry and packing (really interesting activities, huh? What a life!) in preparation for our annual trip to Phoenix, Arizona! You can't even imagine (well, maybe you can) how much I am looking forward to this trip. We stay in a really nice condo in Scottsdale owned by my husband's sister and husband. To us, it might even be called luxurious. So for a week, we live a lifestyle to which we are not otherwise accustomed. If the weather is nice, we use the swimming pool. We walk every day. We go antique shopping. We visit my parents (who winter in Mesa). We see my sister and her family, including my wonderful neice!

I really need this vacation.

Tomorrow I have a funeral and a baptism. Sunday I preside at two services. Then we are off! Scout will go to stay at her trainer's house. Part of the frenzy of preparation is making some ground beef and rice part of her meals. She will also be starting a new prescription diet. They think she might have Irritable Bowel Syndome.

In the meantime, I have been tagged for two memes:

by Fran, for an environmental meme, and by LawandGospel, for a meme about pets. I am up for both of these, but be patient with me.

Also, I have some posts in the works. I'm sure that you are all staying up nights waiting for my thoughts on:

-Barack Obama
-Lutheran Cable Network Shows
-How Far Is It To Bethlehem? (part of my Christmas Eve Sermon)
-Jazz Sermons

I did not do the Revgals Friday Five today, but my one New Year's Resolution would be to lose 10 pounds. Last year I lost 20 pounds just by walking the dog regularly (hurray for Scout), but apparently, ten of those pounds have found me.

I will blog as much as my husband lets me, while we are on vacation. He has this thing about doing things together.


Presbyterian Gal said...

The other 10 you lost? Yup. Sitting right here with me in my chair. *sigh*

Barbara B. said...

yes, keep in touch... and have a GREAT TIME!

Rev SS said...

Oh, I so resonate with being ready for a vacation. Have a wonderful, restful, restorative time. And, let us know when you get that phone call.

more cows than people said...

have a GREAT time!

LawAndGospel said...

I thought the other 10 pounds found me- but I must have someone one else's lost weight. Enjoy the time away and the time with your husband. If you are stayin up nights may it be for this and not just posts.;)

David said...

More and more I think we simply "misplace" weight rather than lose it. Seems it always comes back.

Have a great trip!

Gannet Girl said...

Have a WONDERFUl time! Southeastern Arizona - the land of hummingbirds and canyon hikes! Yes, I am envious!

mompriest said...

Oh, I love Phoenix...kinda strange mountains, Camel Back and all. At least when I'm used to the mountains that surround the Salt Lake valley...sigh. Still - warm and beautiful. Have a great trip.

dust bunny said...

Sounds like you're heading for a wonderful vacation. Take your best ramblin' shoes and enjoy the walks. :)

Jan said...

Have fun!

FranIAm said...

Have a great, restful and blessed vacation!

Kievas said...

Have a great vacation...sounds like Scout will be well cared for. We've become master chefs for our dog, too :)