Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Environmental Meme

Fran tagged me for this a long time ago, and I am finally getting to it -- it comes by way of Delia, who has a birding blog (that in itself sounds interesting). Here's the idea:

Try to think of one way you and your family can lessen your environmental impact in 2008. You could consider doing something relatively easy--like giving up paper plates and napkins (yup, more dishes and laundry, but oh so worth it at
trash-time)--or more difficult--like trying to carpool more (which can be a
pain, but saves a ton in gas money, not to mention in saved emissions). It
doesn't have to be hard--it could be something as simple as trying one of those
new fluorescent bulbs in your desk lamp. How about it?

This is hard for me, because there is so much I could do -- but if I'm honest I know I haven't been very good as "making a smaller footprint." (as Ann Bancroft would say.) For example, I bought two cloth bags from our local grocery store so that I wouldn't use so many grocery bags (paper or plastic), but I sometimes forget to use them! So one of my environmental goals for 2008 would be to use cloth grocery bags more often. I'd also like to use cloth bags for some of my other shopping as well. And third, I'd like to do "using up" what we have -- whatever itis. Those are my modest goals for 2008. and oh yes, I think we will look into getting some of those LED lights as well.

I'll tag Mompriest and Katherine, because I'm really interested in their environmental goals!


Chorus said...

These are great goals! We're also trying to be more conscious about recycling bags, as well as replacing our light bulbs with energy efficient ones. One baby step at a time!

mompriest said...

Ok. I'll play. I have two other memes, one of which I can't remember the details, nor find the blog that tagged me :-)...so it will be a few days before I play...

still, your goals are good. every little bit helps, even remembering to take those bags some of the time, eventually it may become all the time.

FranIAm said...

Great Diane! I actually keep wanting to buy those cloth bags, but have yet to do so!

Barbara B. said...

I have a problem with remembering my cloth bags too... :)
anyway, great goals!

LawAndGospel said...

I have purchased the reusable bags from EarthWise. They are made from recycled propylene so they are washable. Roomy and sturdy handles. I keep them in the cupboard where the lunchboxes live so I see them everyday. One other tip is to fill a reusable sports bottle with water rather than buying bottled water each time. Even if you buy spring water in the jug to fill it, you are ahead of the game!

Jiff said...

I keep our cloth bags in the car-- it helps me remember.
We're replacing light bulbs with energy efficient ones.
We're walking when it's a 2 mile or less trip.
Thanks for your ideas!