Sunday, August 19, 2007

Why I haven't posted my sermon yet

1. Let me tell you something funny that happened yesterday.

At 2:00 I was just about done with my sermon, except about one paragraph or so. The Saturday service was beginning at 5:00.

I took a break to try to think of a quick children's sermon for the next day, came back and went into my files. When I found my sermon, the prompt I got was "Sermon title... already exists. Replace?" Without thinking, I pressed, yes.

And I replaced my sermon with a blank page.

At 2:00 p.m.

I did re-write it. (put the coffee back on!)

2. Today, after church, I REALLY wanted to post something funny. I don't know, it's just been a stressful week. So, I posted the ELCA song.

3. We had company for my husband's birthday after church. Neither of us got our naps (which we usually take religiously. ) We cleaned and cooked and entertained.

4. I know it will be late, but maybe tomorrow.

5. See #1 above, and I'm thinking of revising it in the posting... just as a mental exercise. I like what I wrote, but I'm just curious about what a couple of minor things would do.

6. Now I'm finally going to get a little break and rest! Good night everybody!


Serena said...

Oh Arggggh! I've lost the bulk of a sermon when computer froze up, and as I read this, the feeling of the nausea I felt then returned! Looking forward to reading whichever version you post when you post it.

Rowan The Dog said...

I know it's maddening but chances are that what you write next will be better than the original. You'll be surprised.


PS- You take your naps religiously? Because I usually take mine like a heathen.

more cows than people said...

oh, oh... how dreadful. glad you think it's funny. sounds positively dreadful.

hope you do get a nap today.

Pastor Eric said...

Lost a sermon...been there, done that.

Naps...if I don't get my Sunday afternoon nap, I can get a little cranky. Drives my wife crazy.

Take care.

David said...

I never took a nap until three months into my internship. By then I found that I was dead tired on Sunday afternoons. Funny, yesterday I was fine, no nap, no sluggish feeling in the afternoon. Hmmmm.

Word virification word = yyfun. Good one!

mompriest said...

been there, done that. No nap for me yesterday either, we had a family birthday party to go to, for a 4 year old niece. At least I wasn't the host! I hope you rest well today.

Pastor David said...

The Lost Sermon - what a terror, my symathies.

As for naps - I must have my Sunday afternoon nap. I am unbearable without it. Of course, I use the word nap loosely, I can easily sleep for an extra four hours on Sunday afternoon.

Grandmère Mimi said...

I've never lost a sermon. Am I lucky, or what? Of course, I don't preach - or not formally. Only by being a Jewish mother to my children and grandchildren, and only by what my sweet Grandpère would call nagging.

And then there's the blog, where I feel free to cut loose and preach - and preach - and preach. I've lost whole posts that I've worked hard on with links and all. Very discouraging. My sympathy, Diane.

Jan said...

Diane, sorry about the computer foul-up. Hope you got a nap today. And now I feel like I know you a tiny bit better, because Serena knows you personally! How nice.

Jan said...

Diane, I think I got you mixed up with Barbara in Longview, WA--sorry--But we are connected through postcards!

lj said...

Oh. My. Never quite had that happen, but I did arrive at to preach at a neutral pulpit (do you Lutherans do that -- where you preach for a pastoral nominating committee at an unrelated church?) without page one of my sermon one time. That was nerve-wracking. But I still got offered the call ... I'm sure your sermon was fabulous. But there went your Saturday.

Diane said...

no, we don't do the "neutral pulpit". Hadn't heard of it. When I was interviewing for my current call, four people from here actually came and visited my church in South Dakota. Can you imagine? They stuck out like a sore thumb. I was so nervous. No one in the congregation said anything, like "Who were those four visitors?"