Sunday, August 19, 2007

Something funny, I think

E-L-C-A (sung to the tune of "YMCA")

People, are you listening to me?
Speaking evangelically,
Are you looking for the place you belong?
You can join in singing this song.

Welcome! That's what we say
To the nations, as we follow the Way
Stronger, united, diverse
A true multicultural Church.

It's good to be in the ECLA,
It's good to be in the ELCA.
You can show your true face,
In this welcoming place,
You can gro-oh-oh-ow in grace.

It's good to be in the ELCA
It's good to be in the ELCA
You can get yourself clean,
You can have a good meal,
Experience love that's real.

Global! That's what we are
And yet local, and in the image of God.
Social, serving neighbors in need,
Called into community.

Synods! We've got sixty-five,
Bishops! Keep the rubrics alive,
College-s and seminaries,
Congregational outreach!


Worship! That's what we do.
We've got music, and a new hymnal, too.
Confessing, the Three and the One,
Living out vocation.

Baptized! By water and word.
We are fed by one Heavenly food.
Simul justus et peccator.
You can find what you are looking for!


I don't know who wrote this. Our youth director found it. I will be happy to give credit if anyone knows.

Update: this song was performed and probably written by a group called "Lost and Found" at the 2006 Youth Convention in San Antonio. Thanks, Matthew!

Also, our staff ALMOST sang it at our last new member dinner, but we couldn't learn it in time.


lj said...

Hilarious! I'd love to see the whole congregation doing this one -- motions and all!

"PS" said...

Some people are so creative. Thanks for sharing.

LawAndGospel said...

I am trying to picture our congregation doing this with the handmotions. In the original Village People group there were also people in costume. Hmm.. Maybe we should skip that. Thanks for the humor!

Rowan The Dog said...



David said...

Perhaps your congregation can produce a video for Augsburg?

Serena said...

Sounds perfect for a Youth Sunday. Our youth led us in a really silly song last Sunday, waving our hands and singing "na na na na na na" for the chorus (for some reason, I can't remember the rest of it -:)

Diane said...

hmmm... trying to think of a youth song with na na na na na na in it... it's right on the tip of my tongue.

mompriest said...

I can see it now...too funny.

Matthew said...

This song was first performed by the group Lost and Found at the ELCA national youth gathering in San Antonio last summer (2006) ... I think they wrote it, but may have had help. It was a huge hit with the gathering.

~ matthew

Donna said...

You might be thinking of this song:

Every move I make I make in you, you make me move Jesus
Every breath I take I breathe in you (woo hoo)

Every step I take I take in you, You are my way Jesus
Every breath I take I breathe in you

Waves of Mercy, waves of grace
Everywhere I look I see your face
Your love has captured me
Oh my God this love, how can it be?
How can it be?

Na na na na na na na
na na na na na na na
Na na na na na na na
na na na na na na na