Friday, July 13, 2007

Rainy Night

It's a quiet, rainy night to be sitting in our room. I'm blogging (obviously) and Husband is practicing the guitar. So I'm glad he brought the guitar. (Venezuelan Waltz #3 by Antonio Lauro)

Niece M. has gone back to Minneapolis with grandma and grandpa. She had fun yesterday. I think she even had more fun today. We didn't even need the "paint toenails" backup plan.

We got up to Tettegouche State Park this morning (see picture from 2 days ago). Went down to the beach (lots of steps, hard for us, easy for M. and Scout). She asked to take the leash and ran ahead with the dog. She took off her shoes and rolled up her pants and waded in the cold lake water. On the other end of the hike was Shovel Point, and more running with the dog.

Then we returned to the hotel to meet grandma and grandpa, have homemade sandwiches and go up to Gooseberry Falls together. This is a series of three small waterfalls. It's very shallow at the bottom, with lots of big rocks. People like to try to walk across the rocks to get to the other side of the falls.

M. wanted to take the dog across. She got about halfway, too, but Scout started to pull and get a little tangled in the leash, so we thought it better to bring her back to the shore. M. stepped across the stones to the other side by herself, and was very proud of herself.

Then, she wanted me to do it with her.

Which I did. Even though I am kind of a wimp about things like this. M. took my hand a couple of times. I lost my balance once or twice and got really wet shoes and socks. But we both made it across to the other side of the waterfall. On stepping stones. Together.

It took some strategy to find the right rocks, the ones that were strong and sturdy and didn't wobble. And it takes some trust and humility to reach for a hand when you've chosen the wrong rock, one that won't bear your weight.

It's little things like this, though, that teach us how to live.

We stopped for pie on the way back. Poor Scout howled the whole time we were in the restaurant. M. came out to comfort her.

Scout is going to miss M. I think M. will also miss Scout.

It's raining harder, with thunder and lightning. Scout wisely decided to move away from the window. The music continues.


Jan said...

I like thunder and lightning, though our two dogs do not. It sounds peaceful with the rain falling and your husband playing the guitar.

ann.markle said...

Glad to hear your vacation is good, even with the rain. I'm loving the adventures! And it's so good to hear that Scout is getting so much exercise. It's good to burn up that doggie energy! (Can you tell I've been watching "The Dog Whisperer" again?)

Barbara B. said...

I absolutely love thunder and lightning! Your evening with the guitar, etc. sounds wonderful.

Rowan The Dog said...

Dear Scout,

We are having lightening here in Austin too. I gave my guardian some prudent barks but she only countered by telling me that we don't have to go outside every time I hear something. This, of course, is utter human nonsense. Why did she think I barked anyway?

Your vacation looks real swell. It's neat that your guardians are taking you along. I'll bet they are real swell humans.

Have a dun time on all your big adventures and do some barks for me, OK?



JanetB said...

I enjoyed reading about your trip. Made me almost feel like I was there with you guys. :-) You might want to check out I'm listening to it right now.

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing your vacation - the scenery is absolutely gorgeous -

Anonymous said...

Great picture--thanks for sharing your vacation experience!

kim said...

I love this post; your writing is very close to being poetic! I also think that Scout is not the only one who will be missing M.

Thanks for sharing your vacation.

mompriest said...

I love thunder and lightening when there are no tornado threats, watches, or warnings! Just a rain storm. Sounds like a really nice day.

Oh, and we've been watching lots of Dog Whisperer, it's like a marathon...

Hope the rest of the trip is great.

Diane said...

boy, I've never seen Dog whisperer, people keep telling me... but I'm afraid I will be exposed as a very bad dog parent.

Diane said...

p.s. looks like I got a winter picture of the falls again... can't wait to post a few of ours.

lj said...

Your photos and writing are beautiful. The stepping stone story will preach.

Gannet Girl said...

Playing in waterfalls is one of the most fun things there is.

Greg Howard said...


Did you go to Betty's Pies? Or some lesser imitator? :-)

Diane said...

yes, we went to Betty's Pies... twice!
(they were only a mile from us...)