Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Poor Scout!

I probably shouldn't have, but this morning I gave in to my maternal impulses, and called "Dog Days" to see how Scout was doing. First, they put me on hold... for what seemed like a long time. Then they came back to tell me:

The Good News: Scout was even then playing nicely with all of the dogs. There had been no incidences of diarrhea.
The Bad News: Apparently Scout had experienced some stress during the night last night, and chewed through the dog run (metal) that she was in. "We'll have to find something stronger tonight," they told me.

Now, I wouldn't exactly characterize this place as a "kennel." It's a doggie day care place, that has recently begun to offer overnight boarding. The dogs are not put in "kennels" but play all day, and have a little mini living room where they have down time (and tummy rubs, I'm told) in the evening. But they do sleep in these kennels at night.

Scout has, up until now, always gone to someone's house, or had someone stay with her when we travel. She's never been in a facility like this before. She sleeps on the floor in our bedroom usually. When she goes to our friend's house, she sleeps under her bed.

So now I feel bad. I feel bad for Scout, who is waking up lonely in the middle of the night, and trying to find a way to escape. And I feel bad because I don't want the dog place to think ill of my dog. My dog who chews through metal. I don't want them to say: "We don't want her to stay with us any more." I want them to regard her with the same warmth and affection that I do.

Please pray for Scout to have good dreams tonight, and good play time tomorrow.


mompriest said...

Ahh, poor Scout. I do hope she had a better night. Still, it sounds like she is doing well, with the exception of the anxious night chewing. I can't imagine the staff thinking ill of her for this normal behavior, normal under the circumstances.

DogBlogger said...

Oh, poor Scout! I do hope all went well last night. I can't imagine the staff thinking ill of her, either.

Rowan The Dog said...

Dear Ms. Diane,

I will get my guardian to say a human prayer for Scout.

Sometimes we dogs chew through things in an effort to escape. But, and I really think this is more likely, sometimes we just do it because we feel like it. Scout probably had a good time chewing through that metal. I wish I was strong enough to do something cool like that.

I have been in a dog hotel before and the good news is that my guardian came back for me and, so far, we have been living happily ever after. I know Scout will feel all tail waggy when she sees you and everything. But, she's probably having some fun times while you are away.

Don't worry.

Your dog friend,


David said...

Poor girl. It's tough when your loved ones are away; even for pets.

Anonymous said...

We will pray, too...our dog is also very used to being with people at all times and will not adjust well to kennels.

Diane said...

thank you everyone for your prayers. I hope she did better last night.

RevDrKate said...

I liked what Rowan said, and being a dog, Rowan probably has some insight. I know it is hard to be away from our furry loved ones, especially when things seem amiss. One thing that has been helpful for me was that someone told me that for animals all time is now, so Scout has no worries about the future (will I sleep tonght) or guilt about the past (are they still ok with me after I chewed the cage)....only we are so burdened. Good thoughts and prayers to both you and Scout for peaceful days and nights.

Gannet Girl said...

Dear Scout,

I hope you are better today. I have to go to the kennel so that my humans can go to Chicago this week-end and I would not be happy about that if I knew. One of the humans has been home all week sleeping on the couch. I know that having her wisdom teeth out was terrible for her, but it's been heaven for me, because she's really needed a dog to lie around with.

Your humans will need you too when they get back. So hang in there!

Marsha said...

I think it likely that rowan the dog has a proper slant on the situation.

I hope you will enjoy the rest of your vacation without worrying too much. I know from experience how happy you will both be when you return.

Ginger sends doggie prayers to Scout. Mr. Woody K. Nibs doesn't seem to care but it isn't personal. He is a cat and doesn't care about anything. My prayers to you.

Grandmère Mimi said...

Prayers for Scout, and for you, too, Diane, so you won't worry.

My dog, Diana, used to love going to board at the vets, but as she aged, she's become unhappy and doesn't eat much while she's there.

Aghaveagh said...

It's hard to be away from the pets...we just got back from a ten-day trip to Philly and left Grendel, the Misanthropic Autistic Dog, to stay at the house of one of our students. We were a little worried because they have another dog and a bunny. But evidently Grendel enjoyed himself, and didn't eat the bunny or the other dog.

It's really hard to tell if he missed us at all--he's not large with the tail-waggy, but it seemed as though he did.

I think rowan the dog is right in that Scout is probably having a good time chewing things and feeling powerful. [Grendel ate two pairs of my glasses, and we never did find some bits...]

Diane said...

unfortunately, Scout spent last night vomiting and having diarrhea in her "suite", and now Husband's other son came to pick her up. Hope all will be well for the night, but unfortunately, she did not get better.

mompriest said...

oh. I'm sorry she is feeling sick and so upset.

Diane said...

I know, I guess she plays all right with the other dogs, but today she slept most of the day because she's been up barking and being sick...