Monday, July 9, 2007

A Dilemma

I have a dilemma. Many people (ok, two) have been asking me to post more about my time in Japan, so long ago that I can barely remember it (or it seems like that sometimes).

It seems like it might be just about time to write the next installment on Scout's history (which would be "With the Dog People in Chicago").

Maybe I should post yesterday's sermon anyway, even though I am not in love with this one. I've read a few other (actually) good ones, and that always gets me second-guessing, even after all these years. I had thought of posting an "alternative" that I preached a few years ago the Sunday after July 4. Text was: Matthew 11:28-30 (Come to me, all you who are weary....). I thought about it in terms of the inscription on the Statue of Liberty... and talked about immigrants and Christians.

I am also so far behind on my project, 4 Biblical Marys, I feel like hanging my head in shame. If I could have written the whole thing really fast, I think I would be feeling better. I still think it's a worthwhile endeavor, and our church can make it into a booklet for people.

I'd also like to post some Biblical monologues that I've written here sometime, and get some feedback on them.

In the meantime, while eating lunch today, stepson pointed to the lemonade, but dad thought he meant the lettuce (we were having sandwiches). This immediately brought my mind back to living in Japan. Why? you might ask. Those first weeks we existed almost entirely by pointing at things we wanted. We (all 4 young single missionaries) used to hang out together often. When we went to the little Japanese restaurants, we could not read the menus. We also couldn't speak Japanese. Thank goodness they all had plastic food displays in the windows. We used to take the waitress outside to the window and point at what we wanted. Usually we got what we thought we pointed to.

But it's not 100% accurate. As witness the lettuce and the lemonade today.

That's my little slice of life.

So... my dilemma is... what should I post next?

Any of these ideas? Or something else entirely?


Gannet Girl said...

All of them. But start with Scout.

Hot Cup Lutheran said...

Some days we just make it too dang hard. We make everything too hard. Like sermons - like blogging... just write. think later. go with what your gut tells you.