Friday, May 25, 2007

Friday Five: Hard Habit to Break

This is the regular Friday "game" some of us have been playing:

ReverendMother says:
As many of you know, I have been experimenting with some severely curtailed Internet usage. I realized that I had gotten into some bad habits, which got me thinking about habits in general. I understand that a habits/random facts meme has already been going around. In the hopes that it hasn't hit too many of us yet, be as lighthearted or as serious as you'd like with the following:

1. Have you ever successfully quit a bad habit, or gotten a good habit established? Tell us about how you did it.
The best habit I have ever established is my daily walk. Throughout my life, I've always wanted to exercise more. I've usually persisted for awhile, and then the habit has fallen off. However, in this case the daily walk is ... walking the dog. So, the dog makes me do it. And I also lost 20 pounds (clap, clap, clap). As far as food obsessions, I have tried giving up potato chips or french fries for Lent, which usually works, but only for Lent.
2. "If only there were a 12-step program for _________________!"
a. Book lovers! I could, I suppose put this under "healthy obsessions". It could go either way. But it's not just about reading books. Books are a sensual pleasure for me. I love seeing, feeling, and reading them. And I like all kinds of books, kid's picture books, novels, memoirs, prayers, history, music, old books, new books...books about pets, books about hobbies. It is a sickness. When I was younger, my dad came into my room and said, "Think about all the money you would have if you didn't have all these books." So, yeah. Books.
b. "People who check their blog too much." It's not the blogging so much. It's checking the blog. "anyone been in?" Really, it has become quite neurotic for me. (and I've only been doing this for 1 1/2 months.)
3. Share one of your healthy "obsessions" with us.
Actually, I consider blogging a healthy "obsession". Right now I am learning something new every day, so I feel really good about that. Also, the writing itself has been good. For a long time I thought I had "writer's block." Apparently, I don't. At least so far.... but please, somebody, stop me from checking my blog!!!
4. Share the habit of a spouse, friend or loved one that drives you C-R-A-Z-Y.
Hmmm, they might read this. I'd say, leaving the towels on the floor after a shower.
5. "I'd love to get into the habit of ___________________."
Meeting with parish members (and friends) more regularly one to one to listen to them and learn their stories. (connecting with the "face to face" community)
Bonus: What is one small action you might take immediately to make #5 a reality?
Make appointments with 3 people next week... to sit down for coffee or something and really listen to them
Bonus 2: Try it, and let us know how it goes in a future post!
If I can, I'll share a "non-confidential" story.


Melissa said...

Well played! That's a really neat answer for #5.

(And I totally hear you on both your #2's. I recently moved, and I had at least 5 huge boxes of books...and I have a couple more boxes worth at home.)

more cows than people said...

i'm with you on the checking the blog incessantly and i've been at this for about seven months now... sometimes i chill about it... but... not often. if you find a cure, let me know!

and kudos on the 20 pounds!

and blessings on your desired visits!

Iris said...

Diana, I used t check my blog all the time when I first started, which is less than a year ago. I was just so enamored with the blogoshere and the fact that I, a total technophobe, was a part of it all! After a couple of months I started chacking it less. But, it's so much fun, isn't it? It reminds me of being in elementary school when we made milk carton "mail boxes." It was always such a thrill to look and see a nots had been left there! Blogging is even better!

Sally said...

love # 5- it is something that builds communities... as for the walking- I am trying to get back to that one....

Serena said...

Good play! I haven't played yet ... think I better before I read any more and see that all my answers have been spoken! Books, books, books, I LOVE books. And, reading all the posts of my new RGBPs ... I too am new to this techy game and spend too much time at the computer right now. As for walking ... 3 days in a row so far! Why is it so hard to stick to this discipline????

Presbyterian Gal said...

Congratulations on the 20 pounds!!! But potato chips and fries?? Those are VEGETABLES!!!!

....I'm also a blogoholic.

more cows than people said...

the picture is adorable! and btw- I read Eating Well too. isn't that a great magazine? just saw that in your sidebar... haven't received one in awhile. hope we're still subscribed!

mompriest said...

Oh, good play. Thanks for sharing...

kim said...

Not only will I be checking out the church trunk sale, but I am also baking cookies for it! Ya know, I thought it looked like you've lost weight, but I wasn't sure so I haven't said anything...thought maybe your winter clothes were just extra-bulky???? HAHA!