Friday, May 4, 2007

friday five

These are the 5 questions that the "rev gals" have for this friday-- all about parties

1. Would you rather be the host or guest? Always it's better to be the guest...way more fun and less cleaning, before and after.
2. When host, do you clean up right away? Will you accept help? I will clean everything up right away IF I get help. Yes, I will always accept help. Right now, I don't own a dishwasher, so I'm not proud.
3. If you had the wherewithal to throw a great party, what would the theme be? I would love to have a large area and throw a dog party, invite friendly dogs and their people, have people appetizers and dog ones too.
4. What was the worst party? I don't remember (I must have repressed) but it was probably one that I threw.
5. What was the best party? That's hard. There have actually been a lot of fun parties in my life...I loved surprising my parents one year for an anniversary party. I invited all of their friends for cake and coffee... wasn't expensive, and they really were surprised! My first congregations out in rural South Dakota actually threw a surprised party for my 40th birthday. I was just getting back from taking the confirmation class to a mortuary (yes, you heard it right) and thinking, 'what a way to spend your birthday'. The church parking lot was full of cars. In small churches, any excuse is good to celebrate. It was fun.


Hot Cup Lutheran said...

Dog party... oh MochaJava Puppy is soooo in on that! (Cheetos by the way are his favorite.)

Serena said...

Life begins at 50! Happy birthday a couple weeks ago.

Barbara B. said...

Your surprise 40th b-day party sounds very cool!