Monday, November 9, 2009

Sunday: Ordinary Time

It was a green Sunday yesterday. We left the red stoles of Reformation and the white of All Saints' and were back to green again, green on a lovely autumn morning, unseasonably warm. I wasn't sure who had the children's message, for sure, so I brought in a small jar of coins I keep in my car, just in case. I counted out a few pennies (the widow's mite), but it turns out I didn't need them; the other pastor had prepared a children's message.

I presided two services in the morning, and had a baptism at the third. I ducked out of the beginning of the third service to introduce myself to a young couple with a toddler -- potential new members. The baby being baptized wore a gown embroidered by grandmother with Hardangar edging; underneath he wore the baptismal gown of his great-great-grandfather, it was told.

I returned to my office still with that "post-baptism buzz" I often feel. We were in a hurry; My husband, mother-in-law and I were all going to the memorial service of a good friend of theirs: a church musician of some renown in Lutheran circles. But I realized with a start that the jar of coins was now empty.

My heart sank. I saw my purse and checked my billfold. All of the cash (which was not much, admittedly) was gone. My health care prescription card was gone too. But, thankfully, my checkbook and credit cards were all still there. I felt somewhat better until I picked up my briefcase and it felt light to me.

My laptop was gone.

The exact details I don't feel that I can blog about, but I will say this: my office was locked.

P.S. I am typing this on my husband's computer.


Mompriest said...

not good. not good at all.

Chris Duckworth said...

Oh, how awful. I hope you and your council can address this appropriately. What an awful feeling to be violated like that in your own church office.

Prayers ascending ...

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

I'm so sorry. You must be feeling so unsettled and violated.

Rev Scott said...

How I wish this were the first time I've heard this story. So thankful that we have stout metal doors here, and this serves as yet another reminder to CLOSE AND LOCK THEM during worship services.

Here's a thought: if your council or insurance won't cover the cost of a new laptop, I'm sure all of us who follow your blog will help you replace it. What say you, friends?

Presbyterian Gal said...

As soon as you can, call the credit card company and have a new card number issued and cancel the one that was in your purse.

Then call the bank and ask them to open a new account with new account number and transfer your funds all into it.

Identity thieves no longer steal cards or checkbooks. They write down all the information and then use what you already have. Clean out your accounts, run up your card and open new cards.

Do this stuff right away. And call to report the prescription card theft too.

Very important.


Rev SS said...

yikes! This is awful, so sorry. I too hope appropriate action is taken, and your laptop replaced.

While I haven't had anything taken, I do have experience of people leaving behind evidence that they have beenn in my (locked) office in my absence. Think I'll leave my purse and laptop locked in trunk of my car from now on.

Diane said...

PG, I never thought about what you said, and I hope you are wrong. I think the people had to move very fast, and wouldn't have had time to get all the info you said.

That being said, I am still worried about identity theft.

Diane said...

And Scott -- thank you for your offer; I think (I think) that will be all right. Will keep you updated.

Nancy said...

Grrrr! Praying for you and your laptop.

Rev. Scott, if needed, count me in.

Presbyterian Gal said...

Diane, even with not enough time, they use cameras and take pictures. All they need is one minute.

It is very sad that I know all this. But it's happened to me. Not quite that sophisticated, but I got lessons in the process.