Monday, November 2, 2009

How Rush Limbaugh Saved Me Money

Monday is our day off. We try to spend at least a smidgeon of time doing something fun on Monday. This always includes going out to breakfast (today was the Birchwood Cafe), and one other sliver of a fun thing. It makes doing laundry, cleaning, and other errands just a bit more bearable.

Today the other sliver was going to an antique store we hadn't been to in a long time. There's a town near us where the main street has been well known for having a number of antique dealers. When we got there this morning, however, we found that some of the antique dealers were gone (it looked like one whole mall was going to be converted into a senior high rise -- to get ready for us Baby Boomers, you know), and a couple of others weren't open on Mondays.

Our favorite store was not open yet, so we walked up and down the streets, peering in shop windows for a few minutes. When it opened, we proceeded to hunt up and down the aisles for treasures. The first time we were on this block was during advent a few years ago. It was mid afternoon on a snowy day, and all of the store windows had vintage Christmas decorations in the windows. Lovely! We have bought several things in this store in the past.

Today, I started picking out a few things upstairs. Then I headed downstairs where there is usually a wonderful array of vintage books (I love old books!). Having just read The Graveyard Book, I was looking for an old copy of The Jungle Book to read next.

After a couple of minutes, though, I became aware of a Voice that was coming over the radio downstairs. The Voice was ranting and raving, not just criticizing, but saying really over-the-top things. And after about 10 minutes I got really tired of it, and decided that I wasn't going to buy anything in that store.

I told the store clerk why. She said that she only plays classical music, but seemed unperturbed.

I remembered about 5 years ago, during a presidential election, how one of the small businesses in a quaint neighboring River Town had bumper stickers and buttons for all major candidates. When asked, he simply said, he wants every member of the town, no matter their politics, to be a potential customer.

What I told the store clerk was, "When I'm shopping, I don't want to hear either right-wing OR left-wing propoganda. I just want to shop. I won't be buying anything today."


Lauralew said...


I no longer buy from the only locally owned running store in town because Rush has blared from their radio one too many times when I was in there. When I mentioned it, the owner told me he thought it helped his business, not hurt it. I took my business out of the door and haven't been back.

I like the idea of the owner who went out of his way to be neutral. Good for him. There are some, I'm sure, who told him that he was compromising his integrity, though. In that case, display nothing.

Jan said...

I am impressed!

Barbara B. said...

Extremist views blaring on the radio would be a BIG turn off for me too. Weird they wouldn't just play music!

Fran said...

You live with integrity and wholeness. This was great to read about... I am sorry that your time was spoiled, but I am glad to hear how this resonated in your heart and then how you responded.

PS (PSanafter-thought) said...

Good for you. I hope you put your potential purchases down on the counter when you walked out.

I was annoyed at the radio playing, music and ads, in a Subway where I ate last evening. But at least it wasn't political and at least it helps screen out the conversations of other customers.

Mrs. M said...

Nice. My cobbler listens to Rush, and it drives me crazy.

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

I'm impressed too.

And your post also reminds me that Michael and I have been neglecting our fun time lately. Well, we went out last night, but in general, we haven't been making time for it. We should be more careful about that.