Friday, November 6, 2009

Friday Five: What's new?

Songbird over at Revgalblogpals writes:

There's a new baby on my street, a double PK whose Mom and Dad are Methodist pastors and church planters. I'm hoping to go over and meet her today. I love new babies, the way they smell and their sweet little fingers and toes. Little K has me thinking about all the new things that please us with their shiny freshness.

Please share with us five things you like *especially* when they are new.

1. New cars. I've only ever had ONE, but I loved the new car smell. (It's long-past-new now, and there is no new car on the horizon, but I do have fond memories of that rare experience.)

2. Puppies. Just a few days ago, a parish member brought in their NEW 8 week old boxer puppy. I loved everything about her, including the puppy smell, the way she just keeled over and fell asleep, and her loose, wrinkly skin and fur.

3. Clothes, and especially a new sweater. Don't know why, but there's something about a new sweater that is comforting and comfortable. (Shoes count if they are Haflinger clogs, or comfortable Borns or sneakers).

4. Freshly baked (or new) bread or other bakery products. It's the smell, the feel, the taste.

5. Newly-baptized people. At any age: whether they are babies I can hold, toddlers, children or adults, I love the water, the words, and the people with water running down their foreheads. I still remember when my nephew was baptized (at 9 months) and he stuck out his touch to drink the water. Ah! It's so wonderful being new.

Bonus: There's a plastic or vinyl new smell that I like, but didn't include because I can't think what specific object to attach it to. If anyone has an idea about that particular smell of newness, let me know.


MumPastor said...

Hmmm, all I can think of is new shower curtain, but that isn't a very pleasant plastic-y smell! Isn't puppy breath just grand? And I love your #5! making all things new...great play!

DogBlogger said...

Yes, great play, especially number 5!

Auntie Knickers said...

Amen to all!

Purple said...

I'll have to add another one to my list...fresh baked bread...and of course 'tis the season for pumpkin pie!

Songbird said...

New sweaters DO feel special, I love a new sweater.

angela said...

Oh, I love your #5--I can't imagine it because I've not baptized anybody, but I know it's a thrill that can't be explained well enough in words.

My little one was baptized in an apple vat--fully naked and more like a bath. I was walking near about six feet off the ground.

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

Ah, I love puppies. (I'll bet that's no surprise.) And baptisms often make me weep.