Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sunday Vignettes

At this morning's early service on the lawn, we finally got the weather we have been waiting for all summer -- hot and humid. One of our older members approached me before the service began and asked me who was preaching. "I am," I replied, "for good or for ill." (I was trying to appear humble.) She patted my arm, and said, "No, that's good. We like you." Then, as I turned away after a moment, she hit me with her cane to get my attention, and added, "We respect you, too." (I appreciated her comment, and also had the opportunity to experience real humility.)


One of my stories for this morning's sermon was taken from Shreve Stockton's book The Daily Coyote. I've thought a lot about her courage and compassion in adopting the baby coyote, and about her tenacious resolve to train him and work with him even after he grew up and became more like, well, a coyote. I especially remember one story she told about "Charlie" as a baby: most of the time he was like a pet, but when he was afraid or in pain, he would bare his teeth and act threatening, like the wild animal he was. I thought about how "tame" animals like you and me sometimes do that same thing, lashing out when we think others are going to hurt us.


At the close of the second service (indoors), I heard the ushers discussing our recessional hymn, "Marching in the Light of God." The cross-bearer had been kind of swaying during the song, and one of the ushers said that his wife had offered him $5.00 if he would dance out during the recessional "like in that wedding video." Someone else said they would match it. Still didn't happen. I have to admit, the wedding video is getting a lot of people at least talking about dancing in church, and that can't be a bad thing, especially for Lutherans. And, I ask you, what more appropriate song than "Marching in the Light of God"?


After church I stopped in for a little while at the birthday part of a 90 year old member of the church. His family and friends filled our fellowship hall. I heard that when our fellowship coordinator called for help, the first people she called all said "yes." That's what you get for being a really nice person.


A little later I walked up and down one of the main streets of our town: today was our 2nd Annual "Penn Fest." Some of the local merchants had outdoor displays, sales and demonstrations. A young woman who grew up in our congregation was signing cereal boxes for a new cereal that she has developed. At the local martial arts school (owned and operated by members of my congregation), they were having demonstrations during the afternoon. I arrived too late for the final demonstration, but said hello to the owner's two daughters, who seemed pleased to see me. I can't believe that in all the time I've been at this church, I've not ever seen in inside of this school before.


We stopped in at Barnes and Noble, where I picked up a new book for the church library. I also bought a book for myself: In Defense of Food. I was tempted by several cookbooks, but did not succomb (so far).


For supper, I tried a new recipe I saw in a magazine: Eggplant Pomodoro Pasta.

Do you know, I never ate eggplant before I lived in Japan? I knew the funny purple vegetable was "nasu" before I learned that it was eggplant.

I still have a lot to learn -- and not just about food, either.


Mompriest said...

Sounds like a wonderful day...

Diane said...

a little longer than usual, but yeah, good. :)

Magdalene6127 said...

What a lovely, full day! Thanks for sharing it.

Rev SS said...

Nice! Love the story about the 90 year old's b'day party.