Friday, April 3, 2009

Friday Five: time out edition

Sally over at Revgalblogpals writes this Friday Five:

Holy Week is almost upon us, I suspect that ordained or not, other revgal/pals calendars look a bit like mine, FULL, FULL, FULL.....Jesus was great at teaching us to take time out, even in that last week, right up to Maunday Thursday he withdrew, John's gospel tells us he hid! He hid not because he was afraid, but because he knew that he needed physical, mental and spiritual strength to get through...So faced with a busy week:

1. What restores you physically?
Long, brisk walks (preferably with my dog), and short, sweet naps. I also find that a good swim can be very restorative, although I don't have much opportunity for swimming these days. Finally, the luxury of a good massage restores me.

2. What strengthens you emotionally/ mentally?
I love being around good music, good books and beautiful art. In fact, just being in a library and touching books (without even going so far as reading one) somehow helps. Hearing a good story from a friend or parish member, a story of something hopeful in their life, is also strengthening, emotionally -- and spiritually.

3. What encourages you spiritually?
A friend shared a story from her work. She works with young children at a local elementary school. Mostly, it is her responsibility to deal with those who are the farthest behind in school. One boy, a 5 year old from Mexico, was a big behavior problem for everyone. She said she was ready to give up when she heard a little about his background, and learned that he had been abused back in his home country, by a family member. Then she saw the scars. So she decided to handle him differently. Every day, no matter what, she was going to give him a big hug. It wasn't many days before he began to turn around, and change his behavior.

Things like that encourage me spiritually.

4. Share a favourite poem or piece of music from the coming week.
It's not particularly for this week, but for some reason I always associate this song with Maundy Thursday:

Lord, whose love in humble service bore the weight of human need
who upon the cross forsaken, worked your mercy's perfect deed:
we your servants, bring the worship not of voice alone, but heart;
consecrating to your purpose ev'ry gift which you impart.

5.There may be many services for you to attend/ lead over the next week, which one are you most looking forward to and why? If there aren't do you have a favourite day in Holy week if so which one is it?
I think I like our Holy Saturday/Easter Vigil. Even though it is small, and not very elaborate, I like the candles and the mystery of "this is the night."


Silent said...

I love your song choice! I'm still torn though about the addition of the 4th verse in ELW.

altar ego said...

Yes! to all of it. I could have answered this FF in so many ways, but led with first inclinations. We had to give up our membership at the local family center where I used to swim every day. One of these days when we can afford to restore that luxury I hope to return to daily laps. It was a good discipline--something I lack, and helped in other ways as well.

In the meantime, may your HW be blessed!

Purple said...

Hearing other people stories in ideed, restorative.

mompriest said...

wonderful story of healing....and love the Great Vigil...

Hot Cup Lutheran said...

oh... i hope you get to indulge after holy week with some time in a book store, or the library...

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

Oh, I love that story about the little boy. That lifted my spirit.