Sunday, April 12, 2009


Christ is risen!
He is risen indeed. Alleluia!

Today, the Resurrection of our Lord, is also the 2nd Anniversary of my blog.

Last evening at Vigil I chanted the Easter Proclamation. I find it haunting and mysterious: and almost impossible. My favorite lines:

This is the night in which heaven and earth are joined -- things human and things divine.
We therefore, pray to you, O God, that this candle, burning to the honor of your name,
will continue to vanquish the darkness of night
and be mingled with the lights of heaven.

Today I am presiding at three services, but not preaching. Also not having family over, although we will go out to eat and visit my husband's father in Intensive Care. I promised him we would sing "Jesus Christ is Risen Today" if he could possibly stand to listen to us.

I hope he is better.


Purple said...

Happy Easter, Diane. Blessings on all you do today.

Paul said...

A Blessed Easter, Diane, to you and all those you love.

Barbara B. said...

I hope he is better too! Happy Easter, Diane.

Jan said...

Happy Easter. And Congratulations for blogging for two years--you started one month before I did!

Anonymous said...
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mompriest said...

I hope he is better too...Happy Easter.