Thursday, July 19, 2012

Some Haiku Prayers

I just started writing a few haiku prayers and posting them on Facebook.  My friend Lindy inspired me because she is having her students write haiku.

Tell me which one you like best.

God in the heavens
You are not in the heavens
You are in our hands.


Have mercy on us, Lord
Cup your hands around our pain
Breathe life in our clay

Raise us. We are dead.
Fix our wings. They are broken.
Make us walk, run, fly.


unravel me, God
then knit me back together
weave in thread of flame


I confess to you, Lord
my failure to see robins
hear their quiet song.


Lord, open my hands
Pour out streams of mercy
Let water run through


God of compassion
heal forgive, help, guide, raise up
Read between the lines


Cover me tonight
Sing soft songs of Your mercy
Sighs too deep for words.

Not enough for a book yet....


Diane said...

perhaps there should be pictures

Steve Finnell said...

you are invited to follow my blog

Linda McMillan said...

I like the one about robins. I like them all, actually. But I think I sometimes need a reminder to listen, to not take for granted the beauty that surrounds me.

Janet Hunt said...

These are all beautiful... thanks for sharing them.