Thursday, July 5, 2012

Prayers from Vacation

teach me to play.
I know how to work
to keep my head down
and make everything a duty
looking only straight ahead
like a horse with blinders on.
Teach me to play, to look around,
to veer off the path, to see mountains,
to imagine streams laughing,
to walk and leap and praise God
for you have made me free.
Teach me not just duty but delight
in all my life
Teach me to play
and that prayer and play
are not that far apart.

I am up early, packing.
I am making lists
and looking under the bed
for the lost coin
and in the bathroom for the toothbrush.
I am counting t-shirts
and wondering if I am bringing enough.
I am packing my suitcase full.
Help me to leave space
for you to surprise me, help me,
whisper in my ear, or shout.
Help me to leave space.

Creator, Redeemer, Sanctifier,
you have many names.
I have many names as well.
Some of them are true,
and some are not.
Sometimes I think I am my work,
and I am only who I am when I am doing
the work you gave me.
It is good work, Lord.
I love the ministry you gave me.
But here I am, resting,
playing, traveling.
Help me to see myself as you see me
and love myself as you love me:
not for what I accomplish
but for who I am:  child of God,
sister of Jesus,
friend of the Beloved

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