Saturday, July 21, 2012

Just Sitting

This short piece will possibly be printed in our church newsletter

Thursday early in the evening found me sitting in the narthex, with some unexpected time on my hands.

It’s been a busy summer, and it was a busy day: after a great meeting with our stewardship committee, and lunch with our incoming Senior Pastor, Fred Hanson, I had a pretty productive afternoon, connecting with a few people, and getting both a wedding service and a funeral sermon completed. I headed out to my car to run home for a quick supper before I was to be back at the church.

Except, my car wouldn’t start.

I called my husband, who said, "Call AAA." So I did.

And I waited.

It seemed like a long time that I just sat there. I considered going back into my office, but decided not to. I decided to just sit for a little while.

Sometimes it’s what we need to do.

It’s a busy life, for all of us, actually. There are many things we can do, many things we need to do. But there are some things that we cannot do, that we cannot fix. There are some things that God is doing in our lives: forgiving us, guiding us, lifting us up, giving us new life. When we are busy, and when we are not busy, God is doing these things in us and all around us: forgiving, guiding, raising us up.

In the end, these are the most important things in life.

Watch for them.  Wait for them.  Give thanks for them.

And, once in awhile, just sit. 

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