Friday, March 18, 2011


Just sitting on the sofa this Friday evening.  I am almost (but not quite) finished with the book I have been reading on "nook", The Latehomecomer, which is a lovely memoir about a Hmong woman who was born in the refuge camps in Thailand and came to Minnesota with her family.  She is telling us about her grandmother now, in lyrical language, describing the stories her grandmother told about Laos, about her family, about her life both hard and blessed. 

Before that, we went to Cecil's for a not-so-Lenten supper.  A great St. Paul deli, though, in a real neighborhood where everything has not gone generic yet.  I thought about how I am not being so intentional about Lent, this Lent.  Last year I threw one thing away every day.  A couple of years ago I fasted from book-buying.  But this giving-up does not come naturally to me, as I did not do it as a child.  We knew it was Lent, but we did not fast.  Just to let you know. 

Before that, we went swimming, not at our regular pool, which is being remodeled.  There is a brief window of opportunity for lap swimming on Fridays at this other YMCA, so we have been doing "Friday evening Swimming Dates" for the past few weeks.

Before that, I had a physical.  I am a little behind on that, but when the other pastor collapsed at worship, it threw a little scare into me, and I decided I would go.   I have a nurse practicitioner now, not a family practictioner, because my doctor decided she wanted to specialize.  It took a little while before I found someone, but I think I will like this woman.  She told me her daughter is a Lutheran Pastor.  She also gave me a piece of good news.  I have lost eight pounds since I met her last fall when I complained about my feet.  In October, I was going to "come right back" and have a physical.  It is now March.  See how that went.

Before that, I wrote the prayers for Sunday, met with one of my volunteers about a special church brunch and fundraiser we are planning, emailed some people, called some people and ended up mostly leaving messages.  I got some details about the Grief Coalition program that is going to take place here in April and May.  I called the Seminary bookstore to ask if they had more books about baptism for Youth and Adults and would they please put five aside for me. 

In my church there is an 11 year old and his grandmother who are both preparing for baptism.  There are not enough materials (in my humble opinion) for this occasion in my tradition.  But I love meeting with these two.  I wish I could do more of this.  I want to pastor a church where 11 year olds and 18 year olds and 40 year olds and  63 year old are getting baptized, along with babies.  I want to pastor a church where people are baptized into the body of Christ and community and realize that they are bound together with him and with other people in mission and in love.  The mission is love. 

Before that, I had coffee.

Before that, I had breakfast.

Before that, I took Scout to day care.

First, I got up early and took her on a short walk in the dark.  I didn't want to let her out in the back yard because I didn't want the coyotes to get her.  (the perils of daylight saving time).

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PS (PSanafter-thought) said...

I would guess that baptizing people who aren't just babies would be an added joy in ministry.