Saturday, March 12, 2011


I am tempted by apple strudel, warm, sometimes with ice cream.
I am tempted by those doughnuts that are on top of the refrigerator.
I am tempted by the bag of cashews that I keep in my office.
I am tempted to eat two palmfuls of cashews, instead of one.
I am tempted not to go for a walk, not to go swimming, not to move around.

I tend to gravitate to things with bright colors:  scarves, socks, pieces of art, crayons, even book jackets.
I want to buy a book when it would be just as good to borrow it from the library.
A part of me believes the ads for moisturizers that will make me look younger, and lipstick that will make me prettier.
I do suspect, at times, that clothes really do make the woman.

I am tempted to consider myself not that important, in the scheme of things.
I am tempted to give up, sometimes.
I am also tempted to think I am special, and gifted and Always Right.

I am tempted to hide from the troubles of the world, worrying only about my own family and my own work and my own life.
I am tempted to work too hard.  And I am tempted to think that how hard I work makes me a better person.

What are your temptations?


Terri said...

One of my most powerful temptations is the one that tells me that everything that goes "wrong" in my life and in my work is somehow my fault - that I take too much responsibility for the problems and for the behavior of others....important to take some, but not all....

also tempted to become slothful in all aspects

Di said...

Ditto to most of these.

Also, I'm fasting from makeup during Lent, which I'm afraid makes me sound flaky, but it's been a very thoughtful practice so far.

Anonymous said...

I am tempted to try to be perfect and always in control. Thanks for sharing your temptations. If you get a chance, you may want to check out my blog:

Jennifer said...

All of the above. (Separated at birth, were we?)

Diane said...

Di -- you made me think with your 'fasting from makeup' comment. First I thought, "well, I don't wear much, but when I abstain, people come up to me and say,'are you tired? you look tired.' And then I thought, 'well, maybe it's time to admit I AM tired, sometimes, and crabby, and mean, and all those things....the faces I 'put on'."
Lent -- it's not for sissies.

Sandi -- welcome! I try to be perfect, too, but I don't appear to be too good at it.

Jennifer -- appears to be. ;)

and Terri -- yes, me too.

Hot Cup Lutheran said...

moisturizers won't make us look younger? rats!!

fasting from makeup? whoaaaa...

Jan said...

All of the above. I am contemplating a post about perfection that leads to procrastination. . . .my temptations abound! (Chocolate!!!)

DogBlogger said...

I share many of your temptations. But since beginning my first experience with weekly fasting early this year, I've been more tempted by food -- even on days when I don't fast. Strange. I feel as though the spiritual discipline is backfiring.

You're right -- Lent is not for sissies.