Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What Do Pastors Do All Day?

(and even into the evening, sometimes...)

I have heard it said that there are those who believe that pastors "only work on Sundays."  Others know that we're around, but wonder what it is we do all day.  With a confession that, like everyone else, we sometimes use our time well and sometimes badly, here is just a small sample of the way I spend some of my time:

1.  Reading.  I do try to spend a little time each day reading.  Sometimes it's just a magazine article, sometimes a novel, sometimes the newspaper. 

2.  Bible studies.  I might be leading a small group Bible study, or preparing one. 

3.  Checking in with people over the phone.  Making appointments. Letting people know we're praying for them.

4.  Talking to people who come into the office looking for a voucher for gas, or a few groceries.

5.  Visiting people in hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living.   Some are scheduled calls.  Other times, I get a call about an emergency, and a visit in a very stressful situation.

6.  Getting ideas for special events, and making contacts with people who can do adult forums, or special enrichment series.

7.  Leading classes, or helping lead classes for third graders receiving a Bible, parents preparing for a baptism, 5th graders receiving their first communion.

8.  Helping volunteers organize their fundraiser for a social justice ministry in our congregation.

9.  Grieving with people who have lost a loved one.

10. Helping a grandmother and her grandson prepare to be baptized.

11.  Cheerleading my other staff partners.

12.  Writing the actual sermon.

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Rob Culhane said...

This morning (after going for a swim in the local outdoor pool - its still summer here in Australia), I worked on a letter for 3/4 hour, then prepared a service for Sunday night. After 1/2 hr lunch I visited a hurt minister who has left f/time ministry. Due to his situation I spent 2 hrs with him. Then onto the church office for 3/4 hr doing administration. After dinner tonight, I'll get a draft of the sermon finished so it can be reviewed tomorrow. Tomorrow, administration all day, finishing services off, power points etc. I have Saturday's off work.