Sunday, September 7, 2008

Highs and Lows (you decide which is which)

It was Rally Sunday today, which means that Confirmation classes start this week for our 7-9 graders. One of the things we do every week in our small groups, without fail, is "check in" with our highs and lows. Here are some of mine lately:

  • We took Scout to Nine Mile Creek this afternoon. Temperature was 67 degrees. I only wish I had taken the camera along. She met (and sniffed) many nice dogs.

  • In worship, I saw many people for the first time since May. I'm so glad to know that they didn't leave the church. I thought the worship and the brunch were both delicious.

  • I had my very first Facebook "chat" with one of my cousins this Friday. Unfortunately, I may have "said" the wrong thing, in answer to his question, "Wasn't Sarah Palin an awesome choice for Vice President?" I hate Facebook chat.

  • I found out on Thursday evening about a five hour meeting on Saturday, which effectively ruined family plans to take a day trip to the local Renaissance Festival. And no, I couldn't get out of it.

  • During the last few days, I have experienced a growing sense that I need to have at least two difficult conversations. But who's counting?

  • I did someting stupid in Facebook, and now I am getting a lot of spam in my email account.

  • Last Sunday we celebrated my husband's birthday. His oldest son grilled salmon and garlic shrimp for us and his grandparents.

  • I also had a wedding last weekend. Beautiful weather for an outdoor ceremony, but due to last minute stressful situations, my husband ended up not being able to go with me.

  • We moved my husband's younger son back to school last weekend, to his first apartment. It ended up being much much much more stressful than we had anticipated. And we did anticipate that it would be stressful.


ProclaimingSoftly (PSanafter-thought) said...

Be careful with that Facebook stuff. I find Facebook an odd way to communicate. It isn't private. In fact, for some reason, I started getting emails containing messages that were posted to my niece's account. I'm sure that neither she nor the writers intended for her old aunt to get this private stuff.

I have to laugh at the question you answered. Your cousin made the mistake of asking a question instead of stating his opinion. Too bad for him. Since I don't understand candidate-for-president worship, I sure can't understand Veep-candidate worship.

Diane said...

I'm not worshiping any candidates these days. The book I am reading, The Citizen Solution, is really making me think about our propensity for candidate worship, in fact. (both sides of the divide). And.... how some of the problems in our democracy are also problems in the church.

Songbird said...

Facebook is the devil.

Okay, gotta go check Facebook!

FranIAm said...

Oh my Lord, facebook has become my constant companion. Not in a good way.

Diane you have, as always, a ton of stuff going on.

Do what you need to in order to take care of you.

And a belated happy birthday to your husband!

Jiff said...

That's a load o' stuff.
May this week provide you with breathing room (time for you).

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

Sorry to read about all the stress. Since my own unsuccessful venture with Tagged, I can empathize about the Facebook issues. (Note to self: stay away from Facebook.)

Do you get a day off? Monday or Friday? I hope you can get some restorative time this week.

Smokey sends slurps to Scout.

steve said...

Peace to you, Diane. I hope you will give yourself the gifts during this stressful time of: time in rest, in gentleness and warmth with yourself, in humor.

Pastor Eric said...

Facebook can be a good thing. I caught myself and a parishioner of mine sending messages back and forth on Facebook one day before I realized, "Idiot, why don't you just call them?" So I did. I need to remember to use my phone more.

Border Explorer said...

Diane, you have so much going on. I don't know how you juggle it all.
Blessings on you.

LawAndGospel said...

Facebook can be a blessing and a curse. I have experienced both. It is an almost necessary evil at LTSG. Several of the Lutheran Chicks' friends have "friended" me-another layer of filtering what I say. And sometimes chat does come out wrong. You do seem to have much on your plate. Prayers for some peace and down time ahead.

Lindy said...

I think Rowan wants in on that sniffing action. He just adores Scout, you know.

Sorry about the Facebook stuff. But, really, Facebook is only a minor demon. It's Palin who's the devil. This woman must be sent back to Alaska immediately. End.

Take care of yourself.

Diane said...

oh yeah, I forgot the point about the dog throwing up something all night friday night. thankfully, she is all right.

mompriest said...

I don't have a facebook account..not sure I'm up to it...hope yours gets straigthened out...

sounds like a lot going on....and much strain with it...sorry...hope life eases up

(Oh, and yeah, I hate it when I know I have to have difficult conversations...sigh...)