Friday, April 4, 2008

Just in Time

A poem can be about anything
or so they say
A poem can be about the windshield wiper on your car
that fell off during a snowstorm

with a great whack
A poem can be about the sunny day
now that it's spring
and the prayer around the urn

after the crack of guns
at the cemetery
A poem can be about the rainstorm
(which was a surprise)

the old leaves whirling in the wind
and the tiny dots of sharp rain
A poem can even be about the windshield wiper
not the one that fell off with a great crack

but the new one
put on just before the rain
which was a surprise.

(first draft of something?)


lj said...

amazing! I love it, Diane. More, more.

FranIAm said...

My heart stopped for a moment.

This is gorgeous Diane, it is gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed this poem...yes, you should definitely write more!

Lindy said...

Did you write that? Our Diane?

... I didn't think I could be any more impressed than I already was but I am (which was a surprise). ;)

Keep going!

Diane said...

oh dear, I'm blushing. yes, I wrote it, but it's really just a first draft...

actually the hard thing about poetry is that is hardly ever just "comes out" right...

anyway I have a couple of ideas to make it better

gartenfische said...

Lovely! I hope you'll share your final version. . . .