Monday, April 7, 2008


My excellent blogging friend Fran has recently honored me with the Excellent Blogger Award. What can I say? I admire so many things about Fran: her honesty, her generosity, her faith and passion. She has also encouraged me in so many ways to write, and is better than a whole grocery-bag of creative-writing books at priming the creative pump for ideas.

So now I would like to pass this esteemed award along. In truth, I think everyone on my blog-roll deserves an excellent blogger award. Today, I'd like to honor:

1. HotCup Lutheran, for her sense of humor, honesty, creativity, and of course, love of coffee.

2. Chris at Lutheran Zephyr. I've been lurking there for awhile, and find some of his posts nothing short of brilliant. I'm sure you will too.

3. Proclaiming Softly. Please go over to this post where she has linked to an article in her local newspaper. Great insights.

4. Grandmere Mimi. Because she shared with us this great video, in which a lion and trainer are re-united:

5. More Cows Than People -- she has been taking us all on an amazing journey this past year. A new adventure awaits her.

6. Dogblogger at The Best Dog Ever. I think Scout is pretty doggone good, but Cub and The Boy are lovely and photogenic as well.

7. Barb at Views from the Road: both funny and deep. You never know what you are going to get: serious discussions about the nature of God? Cartoons? The empty nest hikers club?

8. Presbyterian Gal, who writes stories, for which I secretly envy her. Well, I guess, it's not a secret any more.

9. I cannot leave without mentioning my pal Rowan, great dog and theologian. Keep up the good work, Rowan!


Mary Ellen said...

Congratulations on your award! It's well deserved, I love your blog. That video of the lion and lion trainer was amazing, I never saw it before. I find myself watching Animal Planet more than the news shows, lately. It makes me feel that there is still hope for our world when I see guys like Eugene Cussons on "Escape to Chimp Eden", trying to do what he can to save the abused chimps and give them a quality life while educating the world that we can't keep treating our planet and it's wildlife with such disdain.

Lindy said...

Thanks for mentioning my real great blog Diane. I have been bugging Lindy to let me blog more but... well, it's just hard dealing with her sometimes. I don't know if Scout, Cub, Grendel and my other blog pals have this problem or not but sometimes my guardian hogs the computer all to herself. It's not fair. Well, I've got a big day of going to the lake and running. Hope you have fun too.

I woof you!

FranIAm said...

Oh Diane, you know are one of my favorites... both in the blog world and in the inperson world!!

Plus I see you flexing your blogger muscles, making me laugh out loud yesterday and posting that photo.

I was all like "Diane posting a photo of Wayne and Garth? No whhhaaay. Whhhhay!"

Excellent selection of recipients!!!

Diane said...

Mary Ellen, I've become quite the animal fanatic since Scout the wonder dog came into our life. Before that, it was all cats, and of course, lions are big cats, aren't they?

Rowan, we are all awaiting your next great insight. And I would say that Scout has the same problem with me.

Fran, I wanted to post a you tube of Wayne and Garth saying "Excellent!", but I couldn't find it. Blame my husband and his boys for even KNOWING about Wayne and Garth.

gartenfische said...

You certainly are Excellent!

You deserve it!!! Congrats!

Wyldth1ng said...


P.S. an after-thought said...

Wow, congratulations and thanks. I thought I said that already today. Maybe I put it on someone else's blog???

Diane said...

well, p.s. I hope some people come and read that article you posted.

Barbara B. said...

Congrats and thanks, Diane! :)

Presbyterian Gal said...

Wow! Sorry to be late here. Congratulations for sure to you, one of my favorite bloggers.

And thank you for sharing the kudos. I'm honored. That is very nice of you.

Pastor Eric said...

You are well deserving. Congrats!

more cows than people said...

congrats and thank you SO much!

new dimensions to the adventure unfolding every day...

blessings, diane.