Saturday, July 2, 2011

Reading the Bible in 90 Days, Day 32: 2 Chronicles 8 - 23

The Kingdom is divided now.  The author of Chronicles (at this point) spends more time with the Kings of Judah (mostly pretty good, with some flaws) than with the kings of Israel (mostly bad).  There is no mention of Solomon going after other gods at the end of his life.  Rehoboam (Solomon's son) follows really bad advice in deciding to be a harsh king, and the northern kingdom rebels.  Even though the author considers this an understandable reaction of Rehoboam's cruelty, the fact remains -- Israel turns apostate.  They cut themselves off.  They follow other gods.

The harshness of their king is partly responsible.

Mercy and compassion are not two words we think of associated with leaders.

But Yahweh is looking for leaders who do care about the welfare of the people they serve.

Tomorrow's reading:  2 Chronicles 24 - 35
Monday's reading:  2 Chronicles 36 - Ezra 10

Note:  I will be off line for most of next week.  I'll post the week's reading tomorrow, and try to keep notes throughout the week...

Perhaps that's why he sometimes calls them "shepherds."

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