Thursday, May 5, 2011

What I Want Our Church to Look Like

1)  A deeper spirituality that shows in our love for worship, prayer and one another.

2)  A deeper commitment to our community, caring about the needs, concerns, gifts of our neighbors

3)  To be committed to both personal and social transformation, realizing that personal transformation is a gift of the Holy Spirit, something Christ works in us as we trust his love and forgiveness

4)  To be committed to create a congregation that looks more like our neighborhood and God's kingdom,

5)  To look like people who really believe that we have a God bigger than we are, and a mission bigger than we are

6)  To give ourselves away for the sake of Jesus, and the love of the world.

I want us to worship with heart and soul, to welcome and nurture the children, and to be deeply invested in sharing Jesus with our community through acts of love and justice.


Ivy said...

Amen Diane! This is most certainly true. May the Holy Spirit working through God's people bring this vision into reality.

Law+Gospel said...

May it be so!

Purple said...

I would worship with you in that church.

Terri said...

It's the very church I am working toward...but may never quite accomplish this side of the kingdom...still, that does NOT let me off the hook from trying.

Diane said...

still not practical enough (sigh). I need to get specific and practical.