Thursday, March 4, 2010

Life in Lent

I've been working on my very first sock, using this great Swedish yarn that makes me want to make sweaters, even though it's about spring and nearing the end of knitting weather. I've turned the heal, and am headed toward the toe. It's going to be a thick "house sock"; there's no way it will ever be able to be worn with shoes; but it's great to learn on.

It's not as easy as you might think to throw away, or somehow get rid of one thing every day. A couple of things were no brainers: an old black wool skirt that has unrepairable tears, a pair of shoes which never fit me, an old coat which doesn't fit anybody. But, it's easy to get behind. Someone expressed a sense of awe that I could find 40 things to get rid of, but the reality is, there are probably many more than 40 things I have that I could probably live without.

I'm reading Olive Kitteridge for book group. I've also begun reading a book called Transforming Congregational Culture, by Anthony Robinson. I just saw this one quote on Facebook, and got really really intrigued. I've been zipping right through it, underlining and circling many things.

I had to buy a new phone today. oh-uh. My phone froze. Then it died.

We are leaving for Arizona on Monday, a week's vacation during Lent, and I don't think I have one pair of shorts that fit me. There's a topic for reflection.

And I'm taking Scout to day care tomorrow, probably for the last time this season. The weather is getting warmer, and it will be easier for us to make sure she has the required amount of exercise.

So, I called to make sure she had a spot this afternoon, and the woman who answered the phone said, "We might be full." She put me on hold for awhile, and when she came back on the line, she asked, "Which Scout is this?" I told her my name, and after another pause, she said that she needed to find out which play group Scout was in.

Play group?


Presbyterian Gal said...

What an odd few weeks. Several friends' parents' deaths; earthquakes; and several friends' phones dying. Thank the Lord for those of you who knit, to knit us all together.

That is a pretty sock! You're doing great.

Lindy said...

Aw... Scout has a playgroup.
I love that dog.

Jennifer said...

I have a first sock-in-progress, too. I hope you and J have a wonderful vacation. Wonderful.

Jan said...

Pretty sock! Have fun!

ee said...
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troutbirder said...

Nice sock. I'm a fan of them then since old age has set in the extremeties tend to be a little on the cold side!
re your earlier post on justice charity and justice. Althoug not religious in the traditional sense I've alway thought highly of the last quote.