Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A List I'm making on vacation

I usually don't make lists on vacation, but here's an exception:

Some things I want to do someday (some sooner/some later):

1. Go to the Revgals Event in April (if it is still possible)
2. Do a retreat at the Benedictine Center in St. Paul.
3. Take a summer writing class in Iowa City someday (I have wanted to do this for many years)
4. Go on sabbatical (right now, I'm thinking that my sabbatical theme might be Art and Spirituality, especially looking at folk art, things like the medieval books of Hours, Santeros, and other things. What do you think?)
5. Go to one of those camps where dogs and their people can go together and learn and have fun. (Has anyone here heard of them?)
6. Go back to Paris, and/or go to London (maybe the fast trip like last year, with lots of down time).
7. Publish a memoir, or a book of reflections.

Right now we are still on the little break. We just got back from swimming. We have massages later today. We thought we had made the appontment for yesterday, but were mistaken. We've otherwise just been relaxing and reading and I've been trying (without much success) to write a little. I have a little half-done poem that I'm working on.

Good news: the sweater we thought we had lost at the YMCA has now been found. Bad news: it's raining. But maybe that's not such bad news? It is March, after all.

I'm not being totally successful at forgetting about work. But I'm dreaming, a little, and that's a good thing.


Presbyterian Gal said...

Oh, I've been to that Benedictine Center. It is just gorgeous. The services there are magnificent!

Glad you are enjoying your holiday!

DogBlogger said...

Re: #1, ask Mary Beth if there's still room!

Lindy said...

I'm glad you are dreaming. I think you have a great mind and a great heart. Dream, dream, dream...

Diane Vogel Ferri said...

those all sound like wonderful dreams - i'd take any of them!

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

Dreaming is a good thing. And I like your sabbatical topic.

Lauralew said...

All wonderful! And mostly doable. Continue to dream and then make them happen!