Monday, February 16, 2009

The Girls Have It

The children's choirs sang yesterday at church. Our talented children's ministry coordinator wrote new words to an old hit, Good Lovin':

Some of the words:

I was feelin' kinda blue
I asked my (our church) Pastors what should I do.
I said "pastors!"
You are ordained.
Can you tell me-
What'll heal this pain.
and they said, "yeah, yeah,yeah,yeah, yeah"

Yes indeed, all I really need
God's Love,
Gimme that gracious loveGod's Love
That unending loveGod's love
That redeeming love
God's love

Well my Jesus,He's alright-
because He died for me I see the light!
And I said Yaweh
It's for sure
I got the heartache
you got the cure
Everybody say...

A sidenote: The pastors and intern stood with the youth choir, and got one line during the song: we were supposed to sing the line: 'yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.' I think we did ok, though we are old and pretty uncool. (However, one advantage we had: we remembered when the original song was popular.)

After the choir sang, I gathered them around the baptismal font for the children's message. Before I got started, I told them I liked their song. One of the girls pointed to another girl, and said to me, "She wanted to be the pastor."

She meant during the song.

That made me smile.

"Well, maybe someday," I said.

I love that I can say that.

I still have the sermon preached at my ordination. The pastor said: "Because of your ministry, little girls will known that they can grow up to be a pastor."

It's not the most important thing about being a pastor, to me. But it's something.


Rachel said...


Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

It's a big something.

Singing Owl said...

Whooopie! A fun moment for me was a Christmas play a few years ago when a young teen, Crystal, got to play the pastor part. That was the best part of the program for me. This was great to read.

Lindy said...

It's pretty important. Your presence alone means something.

Diana said...

That is really flippin' awesome.

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mompriest said...

Love this! What fun....and I suspect it will be very meaningful for these young people!