Friday, August 22, 2008

Friday Five: Calendar Edition

Songbird over at the Revgals blog graciously offers this Friday Five:

It's Friday afternoon, Eastern Time, and this is your faithful Songbird with a calendar-related Friday Five. Due to some confusion with our dates, I'm stepping in today, although I am usually here only on the 5th Friday, when there is such a thing.Here are five things to ponder about dates. I hope you'll play!

1) Datebooks--how do you keep track of your appointments? Electronically? On paper? Month at a glance? Week at a glance?
I still keep an old fashioned appointment book. I've moved from a huge one back to a small one, small enough to keep in my purse, so that I can write down when people ask for an appointment. I've been flirting with Google Calendar, but I'm not serious -- yet.

2) When was the last time you forgot an important date?
I don't remember the last time, but I do remember an important time -- while out in South Dakota, I had a phone interview with a big church (and a somewhat high profile church) in a large city. My father and neice and nephew were visiting, and I completely forgot about this interview. Needless to say, I did not get that call.

3) When was the last time you went OUT on a date?
Depends on what you call a "date." My husband would say that our whole trip to Paris was a long, expensive "date." If you only count dates between single people, it would have to be longer than 9 years ago.

4) Name one accessory or item of clothing you love even though it is dated.
My mother had an eyelet lace peasant blouse that we (my sister and I) wore until it practically disintegrated. Now eyelet lace is "in" again. I also have a black wool skirt I wear all the time in the winter, even though the woman who keeps fixing it for me says it won't last much longer.

5) Dates--the fruit--can't live with 'em? Or can't live without 'em?
I've never really been a date fan, but now we have discovered this wonderful recipe for Orange Banana Date Oatmeal, so I have grown to like them.


Songbird said...

Married/partnered dates definitely count!

RevDrKate said...

That oatmeal sounds GOOD! And I agree with Songbird, every date counts. Especially in Paris.

mompriest said...

yeah, the consensus in my book is: married dates count! (But me for me, if they didn't it would be over 24 years - so long I can't even remember anymore hee hee)...

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

Hi Diane. You asked about the flower bullets on my blog.

They weren't intentional (although they are cut and appropriate for my blog).

I typed out all the steps, highlighted them, and then selected numbered list up at the top of the box. They showed numbers in the draft, but when I published, somehow they turned to flowers. There's a lesson in there somewhere. :-)

Glad you're going to play with the story.

Jan said...

That oatmeal sounds really good. I usually eat oatmeal with peanut butter, but with all those other goodies I could forgo pb! I've tried Google calendar, but don't consult it often enough. I looked at it for the first time in months a few days ago and was surprised to see as "regular" things I no longer do!

Barbara B. said...

I'd say Paris was an AWESOME date!!!