Monday, February 4, 2008

Around the Web

It's getting to Lent, and I have quite a few posts simmering around in my head, but they aren't quite done yet. So, in the meantime, I'd like to direct you to some people and places I have found fascinating lately:

I keep coming back to Gartenfische's recent post on Thomas Merton and the desert. Is it because I just came from the desert or because Wednesday is Ash Wednesday? Maybe a little of both.

I really enjoyed this story/joke over at Katherine's Meaning and Authenticity. I know it's been awhile ago! It took me this long to get around to linking!

I have been enjoying both the serious posts and the laughter over at Paul's place lately. Check out his insightful post on his "emergent" theology (or is it simply classical Christianity, believing in a living God?) Plus, he thinks my dog is beautiful.

My friend Eric (who, by the way, lives in one of my favorite towns) has started an Evangelism blog.

I love Crimson Rambler's way with words, and her descriptions of the cold where she lives. (Ah, somewhere colder than where I live.) P. S. She has posted a great poem by Marie Howe today.

Lindy has a great picture of Rowan sleeping over at her place.

Grendel's mom wrote a sonnet about him recently! I'm so impressed! I can't believe I got through all that English Literature and I never attempted to write a sonnet! Could it be that I'm chicken? Or just untalented?

And occasional reader Nancy pointed me to her friend in Japan Tanya, who has lived there for thirty years. If you are longing for some cultural exchange (or, like me, nostalgic for memories from my youth), check out this post. (I have eaten squid, but never never never cooked it.)

Happy reading!
and yes, I know that I used this photo before, but I couldn't resist!


Anonymous said...

You've listed plenty of good reading here. I'm looking forward to following a few of these blogs.

FranIAm said...

You can use that photo twenty times and I for one will never tire of it!

Jan said...

Diane, the origination of that Transfiguration painting on my blog is at the link under the image, which is the title and artist's name.

Crimson Rambler said...

Thanks for the link, Diane! I'm touched (some days we pronounce that "tetched")...!!

gartenfische said...

I thought that photo looked familiar! It's very cute.

Thank you for the link.

(By the way, you definitely are NOT untalented!)